a multi-door fridge

Figure 1: A refrigerator is used in the house.

A lot of people are worried about whether the compressor overheating is due to refrigerator quality problems. In fact, this is a common phenomenon. During the running process of the refrigerator and the compressor, it is normal to feel hot.

A refrigerator is a large appliance for a family, and it plays an important role. As is known to us, it keeps foods fresh and cool. And the compressor ensures the normal operation of the refrigerator. We will say that the refrigerator depends on the compressor.

Is the Heating of the Refrigerator Compressor Normal?

When the compressor heats up, it's quite normal. In general, when the refrigerator is frozen, the compressor is running by the program, and the heat is normal. At this time, the compressor body is also slightly hot to touch by hand. However, this phenomenon does not last long, because the compressor running by the program will be short. The temperature of the compressor shell will rise to 60 ℃ in 10 minutes, and then drop to about 40 ℃ in half an hour. After 2 hours, only a little hot will be felt.

Cost of Replacing a Refrigerator Compressor

* New compressor

If you want to replace a new compressor, the cost will be relatively high. After the replacement, you can obviously find the freezing effect of the fridge greatly improved.

* Refurbished compressor

Alternatively, you can choose a refurbished one, whose price is still a bigger discount. If the refrigerator has been used for a long time, a refurbished compressor can be appropriate.

* Refrigerant

After replacing the compressor, you should recharge the refrigerant in order to make it work normally.

How long can a Refrigerator Serve?

The normal life of the compressor is about 10 years. But if the refrigeration system is abnormal during use, the fridge is easy to be damaged, and the service life of the compressor will be reduced to 3-5 years.

Therefore, you need to remember the following points during daily use.

You cannot open the door frequently, in which the refrigerator needs to change the working mode in a short period of time, which will increase the burden of the refrigerator.

You should remove the frost in the refrigerator in time, otherwise it will turn into freezing, which will not only reduce storage space, but also affect the freezing effect.

You should clean the compressor and condenser regularly. Long-term operation and use will lead to dust accumulation and restrict the working effect.

You shouldn't overfill the fridge. This affects the effect of keeping fresh food, and can cause an overload of the refrigerator, reducing the service life of your refrigerator.

Cause of Refrigerator Compressor Hot

There are many reasons for the heating of the refrigerator, and the rise of its temperature is actually caused by the heating of the compressor.

Under normal circumstances, the refrigerator hot is a common phenomenon. The reason is that the internal mechanical work makes the compressor run for a long time, and its temperature rises.

Of course, this is also why there are so many holes on the fridge back cover, which is to protect the interior of the refrigerator from being influenced by the compressor heat damage. Therefore, the heating of the refrigerator compressor is normal.

If the refrigerator can operate normally and the refrigeration function is not problematic, the heating of the refrigerator will be a normal phenomenon when it works. However, there are also many people reflecting that the refrigerator is hot and accompanied by a variety of problems.

So, it is the abnormal cause of the heating of the refrigerator compressor. The following will focus on some common and abnormal conditions of refrigerator heating.

Blocked or Frozen Refrigerator

The locations of the dirty clogging and the ice blockage are different. The dirty blockage is generally at the entrance of the capillary tube and connected with the filter. The ice clogging is at the exit of the capillary tube.

When the ice-blocked refrigerator is just started, the refrigeration system is normal, but soon after the frost begins, when the water in the refrigeration system passes through, it will make the water vapor condense into ice, causing the refrigeration system to be blocked. So the temperature of the evaporator will rise, as well as the compressor.

refrigerator ice blockage

Figure 2: The fridge is ice-blocked.

Common solutions are the drying method and methanol method, but the corrosive of methanol will certainly damage the refrigerator. To solve the blockage, you generally have to replace the filter, and then cut 3 to 4 centimeters of capillary, if it is stuck in the middle, you can only replace the capillary.

Motor Overheating

The normal operating temperature of the motor shall not exceed the maximum allowable temperature corresponding to its insulation class. The working condition of a compressor motor is very different from that of an ordinary motor.

Obviously, high-temperature motor failure is very harmful. When the compressor is designed, people have default motor cooling, and it should not appear high temperature phenomenon, more should not appear thermal protection shutdown.

The two necessary conditions for the shutdown of the thermal protection are that the temperature exceeds the set safety limit temperature, and the high temperature duration exceeds the response time of the thermal protection system (generally within 5 minutes). The reason for the increase in motor temperature may be excessive heating and insufficient cooling.

Extremely High Compression Ratio

Exhaust temperature is greatly affected by the compression ratio. The higher the compression ratio, the higher the exhaust temperature. Reducing the compression ratio can significantly reduce the exhaust temperature, including increasing the suction pressure and reducing the exhaust pressure. Suction pressure is determined by the evaporation pressure and suction line resistance.

As you increase the evaporation temperature, you can effectively increase the suction pressure, quickly reduce the compression ratio, which reduces the exhaust temperature,and the compressor temperature.

The ordinary refrigerator is used for more than 4 years, and will occur overheating malfunction. The reason is that the long use of the refrigerator, and part of the insulation material fails. In addition, internal parts wear, especially the suction and exhaust valve plate.

We recommend that you should keep your fridge away from heat sources, such as stuffy areas or places in the sun. At the same time, you also remember to clean the refrigerator at any time inside and outside, reasonably put goods, timely defrost, and reduce the times of opening the door as far as possible.

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