Inside the noisy iron and steel smelting workshop, sparks flare and machines roar, crane weighing hundreds of tons slowly moves blast furnaces filled with molten iron from one station to the next. This is what happens in the workshop of a large steel company every day.

Baumer encoder HMG11 and HOG10, the most advanced heavy-duty encoders from the Swiss Baumer Group, are installed on the newly reformed large-scale cranes. They are used to record the moving position and the system running speed timely and accurately, thus effectively ensuring the safety of the equipment operation.

The crane is an essential aerial working machinery and equipment in the process of steel smelting. It is applied in a lot of situations, such as moving the blast furnace filled with molten iron to the corresponding station in a steel production workshop, and achieving timely off-line of hot feed slabs.
Besides, the crane is used in loading and unloading operation at the continuous-casting slab, and feeding of heating furnace. It also helps complete various maintenance and lifting work in the furnace area.

Baumer Encoder GXMLW-110A101

Figure 1: Baumer Encoder GXMLW-110A101

In the production process of iron and steel smelting, based on the requirements of management and safety, each vehicle must be operated safely, accurately and efficiently in accordance with the instructions. This requires the operator to understand the operation of the drive system very well. Encoder is an automatic product connected with the drive system. Through uninterrupted detection, the corresponding information and data are transmitted to the upper system.

Zhang Yunxiao, the motion control product manager of Baumer, said that the choice of encoder products is very important.
Because of the harsh environment in iron and steel smelting plant, there are mechanical vibration, high temperature, more dust, corrosive gas and oil. Plus the crane struggles with frequent braking, skidding and other problems. So errors occur very often in the data measured by encoders with imperfect performance.

For the lately re-engineered large crane equipment, heavy-duty absolute encoder HMG11 and incremental encoder HOG10 from Baumer become the best choices.

The crane in the smelting plant is moving

Figure 2: Moving crane in the iron smelting workshop

1. Baumer Incremental Encoder HOG10

"Encoder HOG10 is used for testing the speed of the drive motor, which is mainly to ensure the safety of the crane."
Zhang explained that a crane moves forward and backward on two parallel tracks, and its speed on both tracks has to be the same. Once the speed on one track is not equal to the other, the large crane may be torn because of inertia. It will not only cause damage to the equipment itself, but also result in serious safety accidents.

Mr. Zhang said that encoder HOG10 is the ultimate embodiment of Baumer's technical capabilities in the field of heavy-duty encoders. It has outstanding axial load capacity of 450N and radial load capacity of 600N, combined with TTL output up to 550 meters, 2.8 KV insulation capacity, making it more widely used.
The encoder HOG10 is perfectly capable of almost any movement control.

The encoder HOG10 also ranks among the best in the industry in terms of high temperature resistance. Not only does it have a temperature resistance of up to 100 ℃, you can also set an alarm for it. Once the preset vibration intensity and temperature exceed the standard value, the encoder will feedback the alarm signal to the user, so that sufficient consideration has been made in the performance and safety of the product.

In terms of service life, the encoder HOG10 is designed with a hybrid bearing, which allows it to easily cover the entire life cycle of the equipment.

original brand new Baumer encoder HOG10 DN 1024I

Figure 3: Baumer Incremental Encoder HOG10

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Baumer Encoder HOG10DN1024

2. Baumer Absolute Encoder HMG11

Because of the heavy responsibility, it is very important for the encoder to ensure the accuracy of the measured data at all times. While in practice, there are few products that can meet the requirements of such a harsh environment as steel mills. Zhang said, iron and steel smelting processing is complex and changeable with vibration, high temperature, dust, and even some corrosive substances.

In terms of position measurement, encoder HMG11 has incomparable advantages over similar products.
In addition to axial loads up to 250N and radial loads up to 400N, there is almost no mechanical wear due to the use of the unique microGEN technology (a non-contact technology that does not use gears and batteries). So that it runs faster, features lower failure rates and longer service life.

At the same time, it's the time-tested cone-hole design, with a junction box that can rotate 180°, a resolution of multiple turns up to 15, an integration of multiple buses, and the robust compact sensor housing design. These are all important reasons for customers to choose the encoder HMG11.
Taking high temperature bearing capacity as an example, even at 85 ℃, the encoder can still work normally and transmit the collected data stably. This is very important because the production workshop of steel mill is often under a high temperature, and the strong high temperature resistance of the product is enough to ensure the normal use of the products.

"The encoder, as a product for long-term use on the crane, should guarantee accuracy for a longer period of time. Baumer encoders definitely add greater reliability to our production." Zhang said in the marketplace, there are not many encoders that can be applied in such a harsh environment of the iron and steel smelting plant, and only a limited number of very strong manufacturers can provide these encoders. And the advantages of Baumer products will become more obvious with the passage of time.

Large steel plants in many countries around the world, including those in South Korea, Shanghai and Wuhan, have verified that during the actual application of the products, the measurement accuracy is still very high after many years of use, and the products hardly fail.

Baumer encoder HMG11 S13 Z0

Figure 4: Baumer Absolute Encoder HMG11

3. Summary

The dustproof and waterproof performance of both encoder HMG11 and HOG10 is up to IP67. Plus strong anti-vibration feature is designed to meet the common requirements in heavy load environment.

The products are made of aluminum or stainless steel, and their rugged mechanism, reliable electronic components, and simple installation method all ensure reliable and uninterrupted work even under the most severe application conditions. Thus, the high cost of the interruption caused by failure is avoided to a great extent.

In fact, this is not the first time that Baumer products are used in the iron and steel smelting industry. As a cooperative partner of the large steel enterprises for many years, encoder products of Baumer have played an important role in many production equipment. Baumer products have been supporting the production processes including cold and hot rolling production line and the operation of all kinds of moving vehicles responsible for logistics handling.

As for heavy-duty encoders, years of intensive development and research of Baumer gives the company absolute advantages in the motion control field. Baumer products, such as the encoder HMG11 and HOG10 applied in a large crane of a steel enterprise, can work perfectly in a variety of harsh environments, and accurately and stably provide signal feedback.
Baumer heavy-duty encoders have already taken on the matchless status in the market.

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