What is an Axial Fan Used for?

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A sample of HDAXM Series axial fans

Figure 1: HDAXM Series axial fans.

As for an axial fan, the air flows parallel to the axis of the fan. It has a wide range of uses, such as electric fans, outdoor fans of air conditioners. It is usually used in conditions with high flow and low pressure requirements.

Axial fans can be divided into small and large axial fans. The small ones have low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, low noise, and can save energy and help to protect the environment. Due to its small size, it is widely used. Large-scale fans have the characteristics of simple structure, great stability and reliability, low noise, large air volume, and wide range of function options. This article will briefly introduce the use of various types of axial fans, among which the low-noise fans will be introduced in detail

Axial Fans of Different Uses

Mine axial fan: mine main shaft fan is used for ventilation of mine main road (main fan); mine local axial fan (local fan) is used for local area ventilation such as mining face.
Axial fan in power station: used in thermal power plant for boiler, including blower fan, induced draft fan, etc.

Axial fans that can be used for the offshore, marine & shipbuilding and mining industries

Figure 2: Axial fans for the offshore, marine & shipbuilding and mining industries.

Textile axial fan: used for ventilation in textile workshops.
Tunnel axial fan: used for tunnel ventilation.
Fire-fighting smoke exhaust axial fan: used for fire-fighting and smoke exhaust in high-rise buildings.
Cooling tower axial fan: used in conjunction with mechanical ventilation cooling tower.
Air cooler axial fan: used in conjunction with air coolers widely used in the petrochemical industry; it is an important part of air coolers.
General purpose axial fan: used for ventilation or heating ventilation in factories and buildings.
Axial fans for special needs: used in ships, hovercraft, diesel locomotives, etc.

The Uses of Low-Noise Axial Fans

Ordinary axial fans are noisy, so their applications are limited. In order to expand their applications, low-noise axial fans come into being.

A sample of iPower Silent 8 inch Booster Fan, Low Noise

Figure 3: iPower Silent 8 inch Booster Fan, Low Noise.

The low-noise fan adopts a special motor direct-connected drive. The whole machine is round and made of stainless steel with elegant shape. Square holes are reserved in the wall for easy installation. The air outlet is equipped with self-hanging louvers, which can prevent outdoor rainwater and natural wind from flooding indoors.
The low-noise axial fan has the advantages of firm installation, low vibration, low noise, and stable operation. It is widely used in wall exhaust in industrial and mining enterprises, civil buildings, gymnasiums, animal husbandry, and various entertainment venues.
Low noise axial fans can also be used in:
High temperature or smelly workshop: such as heat treatment factory, casting factory, plastic factory, aluminum profile factory, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplating factory, various chemical factories.
Labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factories, various assembly workshops; ventilation and cooling in horticultural greenhouses, and cooling in livestock farms.
Places that need cooling and a certain humidity: such as cotton spinning mills, wool spinning mills, hemp spinning mills, weaving mills, chemical fiber mills, warp knitting mills, texturing mills, knitting mills, silk mills, socks mills and other textile mills.

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