1. As one of the importanttechnologies of CNC machine tools, industrial robots and other industrial machinery control, servo drive technology is widely concerned at home and abroad. In the last decade of the 20th century, the development of microprocessor (especially DSP), power electronics, network technology and control technology havelaid a good foundation for the further development of servo drive technology. If we say that AC servo drive technology replaced DC servo drive technology in the 1980s, then the 1990s was the decade when servo drive system was fully digitized, intelligent and networked. This is particularly evident in some industrialized countries.

  2. The servo driver is an automatic device, which receives the command signal and compares it with the feedback of the servo , so as to provide the required voltage to the servo motor to correct any deviation from the command state.

  3. Servo drive, also known as "servo controller" and "servo amplifier", is a kind of controller used to control servo motor. Its function is similar to that of frequency converter acting on normalAC motor. It belongs to a part of servo system and is mainly used in high-precision positioning system. Generally, servo motor is controlled by position, speed and torque to achieve high-precision positioning of transmission system. At present, it is an advancedproduct of transmission technology.