Three stages of getting started for air compressor salesmen

The competition in the air compressor industry is obvious to all. Many customers told me that they often receive sales calls from air compressor salespersons. Indeed, the current domestic air compressor competition is basically heating up, brand and brand competition, price and price competition. Too fierce competition puts a lot of pressure on newcomers who have just entered the industry. Many times they can't even enter the factory, let alone sell their own air compressors.

It happens that the company has a good newcomer who works very hard, has an objective performance, and has a deep understanding of air compressors. Another one is very powerful. The company's sales performance is often the first. He has a deep understanding of screw air compressors and frequency conversion air compressors. Today, I will use them as a template to talk about what kind of route an air compressor salesperson should take from entry to maturity.

The first stage is professional knowledge. I believe that many air compressor salespersons are very familiar with it, including the main engine head, power consumption, and even simple maintenance. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the professional knowledge of air compressors, because when you sell, these are just the bargaining chips for your successful sales. Therefore, for new salespersons who do not have a background in the air compressor industry, the company will first let them go to the factory for a month. This has two advantages. One is to have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the company. Air compressor, such as advantages, market positioning, etc., secondly, you can understand some professional things. After staying for a month, you can enter the second stage.

The second stage is information gathering. After the first stage, it can only be said that you have a preliminary understanding of the air compressor, and sales do not require you to have professional knowledge, but also have sales capabilities. The basic skill of sales ability is to collect information. So after the newcomer stayed in the factory for a month, the second part was to search for sales information. Because it is only a basic collection, it can not only exercise face-to-face communication in sales, but also collect useful information for the company's capable salespersons. This is a very good method. This is the time period for information collection is about one month to two months. The specific situation still depends on the efforts of the first stage of sales and their own capabilities. From the second stage, you can basically enter the third stage.

The third stage, apprenticeship and learning skills, this stage should be a more important stage, because the newcomer's knowledge of the sales process with air compressors, the most concerned issues of customers, and other sales skills is still very limited. Yes, so at this time the company should implement the model of masters and apprentices, and let experienced salespersons take this new salesperson to communicate with customers. Of course, new salespersons still focus on learning the air compressor sales process and other knowledge. This stage directly determines your entry time, because the company will also conduct some assessments, such as asking you to follow a single. This stage generally lasts from one month to two months, and the specific time should depend on the ability of the new salesperson and the level of care in the first two stages.

After these three stages, you can basically get started, but as for what happens in the future, you still have to rely on your own efforts and other comprehensive capabilities. Anyway, the air compressor industry is a high-intensity industry, and the people trained are all elites. .