PLC advanced technology for the control of a wide variety of industrial automation systems

Figure 1: Programmable logic controller (PLC).
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1. High Reliability

Because PLC mostly adopts single-chip microcomputer, it has high integration. And it has corresponding protection circuit and self diagnosis function, which improves the reliability of the system.

2. Easy Programming

Young male programmer writing program code sitting at the workplace with three monitors in the office. Image focused on the screen

Figure 2: Programming.

The programming of PLC mostly adopts relay control ladder diagram and command statement, and the number of instruction is much less than that of microcomputer. General small PLC has only about 16 instructions. And,because the ladder diagram is vivid and simple, it is easy to master and use. It can also be programmed without computer professional knowledge.

3. Flexible Configuration

Because PLC adopts building block structure, users can flexibly change the function and scale of the control system only by simple combination. Therefore, it can be applied to any control system.

A photo about the configuration of PLC

Figure 3: Configuration of PLC.

4. The Input/Output Function Modules are Complete

One of the greatest advantages of PLC is that for different field signals (such as DC or AC, switching value, digital or analog value, voltage or current, etc.) there are corresponding templates which can be directly connected with industrial field devices (such as buttons, switches, sensing current transmitters, motor starters or control valves, etc.) and connected with CPU motherboard through bus.

5. Easy Installation

The workers are installing the PLC

Figure 4: Installation of PLC.

Compared with the computer system, the installation of PLC does not require either a special computer room or strict shielding measures. It works as long as the detection device is correctly connected with the I / O interface terminal of the actuator and PLC.

6. Fast Running Speed

Because the control of PLC is executed by program control, its reliability and running speed are unmatched by relays.

A photo about a microprocessor

Figure 5: A microprocessor.

In recent years, microprocessors are used more and more, especially single chip microcomputer which greatly enhances the ability of PLC. And it also makes the difference between PLC and microcomputer control system become smaller and smaller, especially high-grade PLC.

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