About the role of screw air compressor inverse proportional valve

The inverse ratio valve is used in conjunction with the disc air intake control. When the system pressure increases due to the decrease in air consumption and reaches the set pressure of the inverse ratio valve, the inverse ratio valve acts and reduces the control air output. The air compressor intake valve The thrust of the valve stem of the servo cylinder is reduced. Under the action of the spring force, the valve stem retracts: When the spring force is balanced with the gas thrust of the cylinder, the valve stem is in a half-open state, and the air compressor air intake is reduced to the level of the system. The air volume is balanced.

The adjustment of the inverse ratio valve is relatively simple, but the sensitive action of the actual servo cylinder requires multiple adjustments. The adjustment goal of the inverse ratio valve is that the inverse ratio valve will act when the air pressure reaches 0.02Mpa from the upper and lower limits of the pressure switch action. Reduce or increase the amount of air intake to make the intake valve close or open accordingly, adjust the air compressor capacity in advance, and reduce the number of empty and heavy loads of the air compressor. The clockwise movement of the inverse ratio valve has the effect of increasing the air intake of the servo cylinder. On the contrary, it reduces the air intake.