Analysis of common problems of air compressor oil filter

1.The perforation problem at the bottom of the oil filter

The bottom of the oil filter is perforated, except for a few because the steel plate has blisters, but more because of the material problem of the shell steel. Whether the bottom is easy to perforate is related to the thickness of the shell, but it is not the main reason. When the material of the steel is not good, the bottom of the oil filter is easily corroded and perforated due to the precipitation of water and impurities at the bottom, just like a person with poor resistance ability, a little cold will catch a cold. Steel material is the key. The bottom of a good-quality oil filter is occasionally perforated, but the probability of perforation is extremely low.

  Second, the sealing ring leaks oil

  1. The material of the sealing ring, the temperature resistance of the sealing ring is not good, the oil filter will shrink after a period of use, causing the sealing ring to leak or leak.

2. The verticality of the threaded die mouth is not good (not the standard 90 degree vertical), resulting in uneven sealing around (the left and right sides tilt error limit is 0.3 mm, if it exceeds it, it is unqualified). At the beginning of the installation, due to the elasticity of the sealing ring The calibration will not leak oil. After a period of use, there will be some shrinkage. The side with large errors will shrink due to heat of the sealing ring, and the elasticity of the sealing ring will be reduced, and the sealing performance will be greatly reduced, and oil leakage will begin.

   Three, the sealing edge is broken and leaking

  If regular steel is used as the sealing plate, this problem is generally rare. Cracks at the sealing edge are common in electroplated seal plates, because the electroplated seal plates look the same after electroplating. However, before electroplating, it is likely to be made of various steel plates, some of which are relatively brittle. It didn't break when it was bent and pressed, but it broke after being shaken by the machine during use.

  4. Oil leakage at the sealing edge

   1. If the probability of oil leakage at the seal is relatively high, it means that not every oil filter of the filter manufacturer has undergone pressure test for leaks, but only a few oil filters are sampled when the sealing machine is debugged.

   2. The sealant at the seal is not applied well, or the sealant used is inferior.

   3. There is a problem with the sealing process, and the sealing machine was not adjusted properly during debugging.

  4. When using the 8 kg model, the seal basically does not leak oil, but when using the model over 10 kg, the probability of sealing oil leakage is relatively high. This phenomenon occurs mainly because the threaded plate is too thin. When subjected to high pressure, the threaded plate is deformed, causing the seal to loosen and leak oil. At the same time, it also has a lot to do with the quality of the filter paper. When the quality of the filter paper is not good, the internal pressure of the oil filter will be high, which will increase the pressure of the threaded plate and cause the seal to loosen and leak.

   5. The filter paper is easy to break

   The filter paper is easy to break. Many people say that when some of the built-in oil filters are opened, they see that the filter paper is broken. In fact, the filter paper has poor carbonization resistance. It is easy to be carbonized after long-term exposure to higher temperature, and the filter paper is easy to be broken after carbonization. The external oil filter also faces this problem, but the external oil filter is because the filter paper is inside the shell, and you can't see whether the filter paper inside has been carbonized. The filter paper is easy to break after carbonization, and it is easy to block the oil when broken.

  Remarks: The use of fiber filter paper can extend the anti-carbonization time of the filter paper by more than 30%.

   6. Filter paper blocks the radiator (filter paper becomes paper mud)

The air contains water, which is known to the industry. Because the semi-adhesive filter paper contains little glue and is not pure wood pulp, the filter paper is mixed with starch, resulting in extremely poor water resistance of the filter paper. When using semi-adhesive filter paper (also called starch Filter paper), the filter paper is easy to rot when exposed to water, and the filter paper will easily block the radiator and the surface of the oil.

   Seven, the oil filter is blocked after a period of use

   The easy clogging mentioned here does not mean that the surface of the oil filter paper is clogged due to more dirt, but refers to the abnormal clogging of the filter paper after a period of use. Generally, after the filter paper is used for a period of time, the filter paper is affected by the moisture in the oil bucket, and the filter pore size of the filter paper is greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient filtration. In addition, after the filter paper is affected by the moisture, the filter paper becomes out of shape and sticks together, resulting in great filtering performance. reduce. This situation is easy to encounter on large displacement models. In these cases, the full bakelite filter paper or semi-bakelite filter paper is usually used (Note: the full rubber filter paper is pure wood pulp filter paper, and the semi-glue filter paper is mixed with some starch in the wood pulp, and the glue content is very low), Cured filter paper generally does not have these abnormal clogging phenomena.

   eight, WD13145 burst

   1. WD13145 sealing ring burst open

   This kind of situation usually occurs when the model over 15 kg is used, and the sealing ring is washed out soon after WD13145 is used. Many WD13145s now use 5 mm thick threaded plates, and some even use 4 mm thick threaded plates. When the pressure is high, the threaded plate is deformed, causing the sealing ring to be flushed out, which is what everyone calls a burst sealing ring. In addition, the burst seal ring is directly related to the quality of the filter paper. The quality of the filter paper is not good, and the filter pore size shrinks due to the influence of moisture. The filter paper is deformed under the influence of moisture. The filter paper is squeezed together, and the filtering performance is greatly reduced. The filter paper is blocked, which causes the oil filter pressure to increase greatly. When the threaded plate cannot withstand the pressure, it deforms, causing the sealing ring to be flushed out.

  2.WD13145 burst core tube

Explosion of the core tube means that the round tubes in the oil filter are squeezed together, which is caused by two reasons: first, the core tube is not strong enough, and the core tube needs to be thickened to enhance the pressure resistance of the core tube; Inferior filter paper is affected by moisture, and the resistance is greatly increased. When the core tube cannot withstand the pressure, the core tube is squeezed together. Therefore, WD13145 must use good quality filter paper and use thickened core tube, otherwise, the core tube will easily burst.

   Nine, frequency conversion screw oil filter

   1. When the frequency conversion screw machine is used for a long time at low frequency, the temperature is usually lower, and the oil barrel contains more water, and the water resistance to the filter paper is higher.

   2. When the frequency conversion screw machine is used at low frequency, it will cause the pressure of the oil system to be low, and the oil filter must have low resistance and good air permeability.

  3. The frequency conversion screw machine is basically long-term load operation. The actual running time is longer than the power frequency screw machine within the same running time. The higher the requirements for the oil filter paper to resist carbonization and filter paper dust holding capacity.

   Ten, oil filter use time

This question is difficult to answer accurately, because the effective use time of the oil filter is determined by two factors: first, the amount of impurities, when the oil filter’s ability to absorb impurities reaches the limit, the effective life of the oil filter is reached; second, the machine temperature and The anti-carbonization ability of the filter paper. The service life of the oil filter is different when the machine is at high temperature and normal temperature. High-temperature models will greatly accelerate the carbonization of the filter paper and shorten the effective use time of the filter paper; in addition, the effective use time of the poor filter paper will be very short, normal The effective filtration time of good quality oil filter is about 2000-2500 hours.

  11. Oil filter filtration effect

  What does the oil filter do? As the name suggests, the oil filter is used to filter the impurities in the lubricating oil. This is the real function of the oil filter. However, the filtering principle of the oil filter is a problem that more than 95% of people will ignore.

   Many people may think that the oil filter is filtered by interception. The higher the accuracy, the better the filtering effect. At the same time, they worry that the filter accuracy is too high and the oil filter is easy to block. In fact, everyone has come into a misunderstanding. There is some relationship between the filtering accuracy of the oil filter and the filtering effect, but what really determines the filtering effect is not the filtering accuracy, but the adsorption capacity of the oil filter paper. The greater the dust holding capacity, the stronger the adsorption power and the better the filtering effect. Fiber filter paper has a good filtering effect because of its large dust holding capacity, strong adsorption capacity and strong resistance to carbonization. However, the price of fiber filter paper is very expensive, and the filter paper factory does not sell it for retail. It needs to be customized in large quantities. If the oil filter does not have a particularly large sales volume, it is difficult to customize the fiber filter paper. This is the main reason why very few people use fiber filter paper. the reason.