Air compressor valve selection steps and selection examples

The valve is a control component in the fluid conveying system, which has the functions of cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevention of reverse flow, stabilization, diversion or overflow and pressure relief.

   Valve selection steps

   1. According to the valve pressure, caliber, and the temperature of the medium to be taken, you can choose the appropriate valve model.

  2. Knowing the connection method of the pipeline and the diameter of the valve can determine the connection method of the valve.

  3. If you know the purpose of the valve and the conditions of the production process, you can determine the valve driving device.

  4. The general valve diameter is the diameter of the pipe, but there are also calculated valve diameters that are actually used according to the pipe diameter.

   5. To determine the sealing surface of the valve, it is necessary to know the medium, temperature and pressure value of the valve. The maximum use temperature of the valve body must be greater than the medium temperature.

   6. The nominal pressure of the valve should be determined according to the material of the valve body, the working pressure and temperature of the medium.

   7. The medium characteristics, working pressure and temperature of the valve can be selected by the model and the sealing surface.

   valve selection examples

   The working pressure of the steam pipeline is 13 kg, the temperature is 350 degrees Celsius, and the caliber is 100. What kind of valve should be selected. From the above known conditions, first determine the material of the valve body. Since the steam pressure is 13 kg and the temperature is 350 degrees Celsius, you can choose ductile iron or cast steel. However, considering the temperature of 350 degrees Celsius, ductile iron is more difficult to choose, so for safety purposes, cast steel valves should be used. Then analyze from the pressure. According to the pressure and temperature of the cast steel and the account period, the valve should be 16 kg or 25 kg. Next is the choice of the sealing surface, stainless steel should be used. And the given valve diameter is 100, the pipe diameter is relatively small, so the opening and closing time and torque are not large, then select the manual one. Generally, seamless steel pipes are used for steam pipes, and seamless steel pipes are welded. However, in order to make the valve easy to install and repair, it is recommended to use flange connection