Analysis of closed operation process of screw air compressor

Regarding how the screw air compressor works to convert air into energy to meet the production needs of enterprises, I believe that there are not many curious friends who know it.

   Screw air compressor sealing and conveying process: When the main and auxiliary rotors are sucked in, the peaks of the main and auxiliary rotors are sealed with the casing. At this time, the air is closed in the groove and no longer flows out, that is, [closed process]. The two rotors continue to rotate, and their tooth peaks and grooves coincide at the suction end, and the anastomotic surface gradually moves to the exhaust end, which is the conveying process.

Compression and injection process: During the conveying process, the meshing surface gradually moves to the exhaust end, that is, the tooth groove between the meshing surface and the exhaust port gradually decreases, the gas in the tooth groove is gradually compressed, and the pressure increases. That is the compression process. At the same time of compression, the lubricating oil is also injected into the compression chamber to mix with the chamber air due to the pressure difference.

  Exhaust process: When the meshing end surface of the rotor turns to communicate with the exhaust of the casing, the pressure of the compressed gas is the highest at this time. The compressed gas begins to be discharged until the meshing surface of the tooth crest and the tooth groove moves to the exhaust end surface. At this time, the space between the meshing surface of the two rotors and the exhaust port of the casing is zero, and the exhaust process is completed. At the same time The length of the tooth groove between the meshing surface of the rotor and the air inlet of the casing reaches the longest again, and the suction process is proceeding again.

   After reading the introduction, do you have a thumbs up to the screw compressor manufacturer and inventor? Such a complicated operation process and design concept, ordinary people can't understand it, but they actually design it and serve our company. It is really great.