1. For signal line and encoder input line, please use shielded wire. Wiring length: the length of signal line from NC to AC servo driver is less than 3m, and the length of input line from AC driver to encoder is less than 20m.
  2. The ground wire should be thick wire as far as possible. According to the third grounding standard (grounding resistance < 100 Ω), one point grounding method should be adopted to connect the ground wire. If the motor and the machine tool are insulated, the motor should be grounded.
  3. To prevent mistakes caused by interference pulse, please take the following measures:

         1) If the servo driver uses the same power supply with the electric welding machine and electrical discharge machining equipment, or if there is high-frequency interference equipment nearby although the same power supply is not used, please use insulation isolation transformer to get power filter .

         2) The strong current cable (power cable, motor cable and other strong current circuits) and signal cable should be wired at an interval of more than 30cm, not in the same wiring slot.

         3) Please pay attention to the terminal connection of analog input signal cable (because analog input signal is very vulnerable to high frequency interference).

  1. After the wiring is completed, check all wiring to confirm whether the plug-in terminals are open too much, whether the welding terminals and crimping terminals are in good condition, whether the screws are tightened, whether the plug-in connectors are connected correctly, especially whether the polarity of the motor and encoder are connected correctly.
  2. Confirm that the phase sequence of the motor is consistent with that of the servo driver, otherwise the motor will not work.