Application of industrial wireless remote control in industrial driving

The application of industrial wireless remote control in industrial driving

   Industrial wireless remote control technology mainly uses wireless transmitters to transmit human operation instructions to a remote receiving system through digital encoding and encryption. The receiving system restores the control instructions after decoding and conversion to achieve control of various mechanical equipment Control; At the same time, it is required to have 100% anti-interference ability in a complex environment with strong magnetic fields, strong electric fields and radio signals. The driving remote control can replace the cam controller or the linkage platform for wireless remote control of driving. Industrial remote controls generally use the following technologies:  

  (1) Advanced encoding and decoding system. With advanced microprocessor, it can achieve 100% error-free transmission of up to 4.3 billion sets of passwords, which can ensure that the remote control can send and receive command and control codes correctly without being disturbed by other wireless remote control systems.  

(2) System self-checking and testing function. When the central microprocessor detects the error of the control code or the receiving system loses contact with the transmitter, the entire system will automatically shut down in a short time.  

(3) After the crane and the crane are equipped with remote controls, the operation, mooring, and hook can be undertaken by one person alone, without command, saving human resources; because the operator operates the crane on the ground and independently judges the operating status of the crane, so the operation The accuracy and continuity are significantly improved than before; the operator can choose the best angle of z* to avoid poor visibility, serious pollution, and dangerous operating positions, which improves the working environment of the operators; improves the safety of the operators and other workers . The remote control transformation of cranes and cranes is to install a set of remote control equipment without changing the operation mode of the original cranes. The two sets of operating equipment can be used as a backup for each other (selected by switches), which improves the reliability of driving to a certain extent. The modification only needs to connect the corresponding contacts provided by the remote control in parallel with the contacts of the original longitudinal handle, cam controller or linkage table. The rotor resistance cutting device of the motor can be completed by the corresponding contactors provided by the remote control.