Fiery eyes

Distinguishing authenticity

How to defend fake oil

Counterfeit Atlas, and some are like industrial white oil. Between 800-2000 hours, it will coke and become severely carbonized if it is not resistant to high temperature. Unscrupulous merchants simply lie to customers: genuine Atlas oil, 2901-0522-00 and 2901 -0045-01 The service life is only 2000 hours. In fact, the original imported Atlas screw compressor oil must reach 4000 hours of life. Because the international compressor giant Atlas has long been accurately calculated and used in China's harsh working conditions Air compressor oil, 2901-0769-00 and 2901-0770-00 synthetic air compressor oil, with a specified life of 8000 hours. The life of counterfeit oil is only 4000-5000 hours, and it will be severely carbonized.

The color of counterfeit Ingersoll Rand compressor oil SSR is light yellow, yellow and golden yellow. The color of genuine Ingersoll Rand air compressor oil should be light purple red. When the oil is poured, it looks colorless. In the white beaker, take 500 ml and place it in the white beaker. It is light red, and it is placed in a 20L white plastic bucket, which is purple-red. When mixed with fake oil, turbidity, separation, delamination, color change and other phenomena will occur.