How to save electricity for air compressor inverter controller

The phenomenon of "big horse-drawn carts" of air compressors is very common. It has two reasons:

   First, in the selection stage, the air compressors selected by the engineers are often higher than the maximum demand of the drive load.

  Second, the load applied by the air compressor is originally changed, and the size of the selected air compressor must meet the maximum load. In fact, the maximum load only appears intermittently, and the load at other times is much smaller.

   Let’s look at its results and performance:

The air consumption of most factories is constantly changing. When the consumption decreases, the air pressure starts to rise, and vice versa. This phenomenon in turn proves two things:

  First, the capacity of the air compressor must be greater than the consumption.

   The low pressure setting of the pressure switch must meet the pressure value required by the factory.

  Second, the low pressure setting of the pressure switch must meet the pressure value required by the factory.

  A. Two control methods of traditional air compressor

   (1) Empty and heavy vehicle controlled air compressor

   Empty and heavy vehicle control air compressors are used as empty and heavy vehicles according to the high and low pressure settings of the pressure switch. The exhaust air volume is 100% when the vehicle is heavy, and 0% when the vehicle is empty, so there are two wastes:

  ----The power consumption when the compressor is empty.

  ----Power consumption exceeding the low voltage setting value.

When the compressor in the empty and heavy operation mode is operating at 50% of the air consumption, the compressor will often be in heavy vehicles (providing maximum output and using maximum current) and empty vehicles (no output air volume but consumes about 40% current) Switch between, so that 72% of the full load power is consumed but only 50% of the output air volume is provided. The conclusion is that nearly 30% of the operating efficiency is lost. (Not considering the overpressure part)

   (1) Capacity strip control type air compressor

When the compressor with air intake throttling mode is operating at 50% of the air consumption, compression will limit 50% of the air to enter the compressor, which consumes 85% of the full load power but only provides 50% of the output air volume. The conclusion is that nearly 40% of the operating efficiency has been lost.

   Features and advantages of inverter compressors:

Provide a stable exhaust pressure, which is beneficial to improve the pass rate of products

Improve motor power factor

Reduce the starting current and reduce the impact on the grid

The compressor pressure accuracy is below 0.1 kg/cm2. The temperature difference accuracy of the ice water machine can reach 0.5 degrees or less. Note: Accuracy refers to the control accuracy of FUZZY and does not include the empty vehicle upper limit setting value.

Reduce the load by reducing the speed ratio of the compressor unit, and the energy saving effect is 100%.

Reducing the speed under partial load can extend the life of the unit.

Reduce running noise and provide a good working environment.

Suitable for different types of positive displacement compressors such as reciprocating and screw type.

Transmission devices such as gears and belts can be omitted, reducing mechanical losses and costs, and increasing the reliability of the body.

The LED panel can display operating pressure, exhaust temperature and set pressure. The displayed value can be set via internal parameters.

The set pressure (compressor) or temperature (ice water machine) can be adjusted on the panel according to system requirements.

Use the inherent soft starting characteristics of the inverter, without starting high current.

When multiple units are in operation, only one or more of them can be installed to fully monitor the pressure of the system (compressor)

The special load reduction function provides the safest and most flexible operation mode.

Reduce energy consumption and production costs, improve product competitiveness, and at the same time enhance corporate image, gain and return to society at the same time, benefit the country and the people.

★Operation analysis table of power saving benefits★

Number of compressors one set two sets three sets

Load ratio 80% 14% 25% 37%

Load ratio 70% 18% 33% 47%

Take 55KW unit as an example, load and unload 6-8Kg/cm2 minimum pipe network pressure 6.2Kg/cm2 Operation: 250 days/year 24 hours/day One of them has no load and load ratio is 70%:

Independent operation of one unit: annual electricity saving 55860Kw/h

Grid-connected operation of two units: annual electricity saving 61831Kw/h

Three units are connected to the grid for operation: annual electricity saving 66681Kw/h

Through the above analysis, manufacturers can generally recover their investment within two years through frequency conversion transformation of air compressors.