Application of the counting machine

Due to the impact of GMP certification on the pharmaceutical machinery industry, the purchase of equipment by domestic users has shrunk severely in the past one or two years, so that the survival problem facing equipment manufacturing is quite cruel: wait for the market to rise again or find another road? Obviously, if you do not advance in the big waves, you will retreat. For the sake of vitality, some of you will get involved in other industries and some will open up foreign markets. However, the realization of everything will face a problem-how will you attract your customers. This article combines our company's experience in the pharmaceutical machine industry, and discusses the successful application of Delta's automation products in electronic chip counting machines.

The structure and principle of the counting machine

The electronic chip counter is divided into single-channel, dual-channel and multi-channel. Each channel is generally composed of 8 groups of photoelectric switches, and each bottle of medicine is completed by one channel. Therefore, in order to increase output, the machine can be developed into single-head or multi-head models, but the principles are the same, and they are all composed of the following parts: electromagnetic vibration feeding device, pneumatic closing device, automatic counting system, centralized monitoring and sorting system .

Feeding device

   After the system works automatically, it first judges whether the position of the pre-filled bottle is correct through the photoelectric. When all the signals are correct, the vibration feeding system will start automatically after receiving the start signal. The vibration system is divided into three levels: the first level is for vibrating discharge, the second is for slow motion feeding, and the third level is for split-channel feeding and discharging. After three-level adjustment, to achieve uniform blanking, accurate counting and strong adaptability.

Automatic film counting and door closing system

When the tablet passes through the photoelectric switch while the tablet is falling, the automatic tablet counting system will send the signal to the sorting system (PLC), and then the PLC will control the rapid action of the cylinder according to the number of cans set by the user to achieve real-time closing , In order to achieve the purpose of precise canning and improve the stability and accuracy of the system.

Centralized monitoring and sorting system

   All the parameters and operating conditions of the chip counting machine will be inspected through the monitoring system-Delta's man-machine interface, including the cylinder operating time and whether the automatic chip counting system is normal or not will be clear at a glance.

The advantages of Delta PLC, the application of man-machine on the chip counting machine

   The system has extremely high requirements on PLC. PCL is required to have 100 timers of 1ms, the program is fast in time, the scanning cycle is short, and the control is stable. It also requires the product to have a very high price advantage. In response to these characteristics, we adopted the high-performance EH series programmable controller (DVP64EH00T) carefully developed by Delta Electronics.

The controller has dual communication ports, which is convenient for programming and monitoring; at the same time, there are 100 1ms timers (unique to similar products), which can measure the number of pieces more accurately and quickly, and the scan cycle of the entire PLC is very short , It can be called the best among products with the same function. The monitoring interface adopts Delta's intelligent human-machine touch screen (DOPA57GSTD) with multiple communication ports. This product has won customers more deeply with its powerful communication function. The powerful macro function of the free communication port has solved the problem that the industry has been unable to Problems solved. Through this function, regardless of the size or thickness of the tablet, as long as the light source is corrected once in the man-machine, the system will automatically record and automatically store the optimal parameters on the screen. After adopting Delta's entire set of products for the core control system, the chip counter is better than European and American products in terms of overall cost performance and better than the same brands in Japan.