Coking treatment of compressor cooler oil circuit

The economical and common methods for cleaning the oil circuit of the cooler during maintenance work:

Using water pump circulation cleaning method:

1. Use water with a temperature of about 50 degrees, and acetone to prepare a solution in the ratio of 20L:0.5L;

2. Connect the water pump and cooler with appropriate connectors and hoses to form a cycle; Note: The water outlet pipe of the water pump is connected to the oil outlet of the cooler!

3. According to the degree of coking and the actual state, determine the cleaning time and the ratio of the replacement frequency of the solution.

4. After cleaning, the host runs for 2~4 hours, and replace with new oil.

This cleaning method does not need to disassemble the cooler, and the labor intensity is small. Tip: Because the solution is a chemical solvent, please pay attention to the method of use!