Explosion-proof human body static eliminator; explosion-proof human body static eliminator, petroleum-specific human body static eliminator

CM-003 touch static elimination ball, its appearance is made of stainless steel tube and stainless steel ball, it is suitable for chemical, metallurgy, military, oil field, fireworks, computer room, high-end hotels, high-end offices and other flammable and explosive places. The circuit principle is basically the same as others, and its biggest feature is that it can work normally at -50~100℃.

The human body static eliminator adopts a passive circuit that uses the static electricity on the human body to make the circuit work, and finally achieves the effect of eliminating static electricity. Its characteristics are: small size and light weight. No power required. Easy to install. No feeling when eliminating static electricity.

Medical research has confirmed that the accumulation of static electricity in the human body is harmful to health: some people have symptoms such as skin allergies, arrhythmia, headaches, insomnia, and irritability, and others have strong hair and nervousness. Fear of touching metal objects. In addition, touching the computer when a person accumulates static electricity will cause the computer to crash, electronic product components breakdown, and flammable materials ignite.

The body resistivity of the human body is generally ignored by us, because it is ignored, but it is because of these hidden dangers that we have brought great losses and injuries. Therefore, the human body static eliminator is a new type of product developed by integrating the principles of static accumulation, static discharge, spark discharge, corona discharge brush shape, discharge field emission discharge and static elimination. It prevents the generation of static electricity and limits the generated static electricity, so that it cannot reach a dangerous level. Secondly, the generated charge is leaked or removed as soon as possible, thereby eliminating the large accumulation of charge. When a person enters the anti-static area, directly touch the static electricity elimination ball, and directly lead the current directly into the earth through the static electricity metal wire. The human body static electricity elimination ball can be used in connection with the instrument to achieve a double elimination of static power and independent operation. Effectiveness, it is suitable for outdoor operation. The operation is simple and convenient; the equipment is complete; it can effectively prevent the extreme harm caused by the generation of static electricity.