Analysis of common failures of diesel-driven air-cooled air compressor

In this issue, some analysis is made on the power, clutch configuration and common failures of diesel-driven air compressors.

1. At present, there are four main types of diesel-driven air compressors supporting

Yuchai 4108 diesel engine is equipped with 7/7 air compressor, Yuchai 4108ZG supercharged diesel engine is equipped with 9/7 air compressor, Yuchai 6108ZG supercharged diesel engine is equipped with Cummins 6BT.C-118 diesel engine and 13/7 air compressor.

2. Clutch configuration of various diesel-driven air compressors:

At present, the clutch components produced by mainly have three specifications, namely 7/7 diesel clutch assembly, 9/7 diesel clutch assembly, 13/7 diesel clutch assembly (that is, equipped with Yuchai 6108ZG and Cummins clutch assembly Into general).

Each clutch component consists of the following parts: front housing, rear housing, gear shaft (with splines), drive shaft pressure plate, release bearing and seat (bearing 360111), output shaft (matched with half coupling ), baffle plate, oil seal seat, skeleton oil seal (installed in the drive shaft pressure plate is 45×65×12, installed in the oil seal seat is 90×120×12), bearing (installed on the gear shaft is 42310, installed in 42313 on the output shaft). All clutch bearings, oil seals, release bearings and seats, baffles, oil seal seats, and front housings are common, and the other parts are not common to the three clutch parts, so you must write the parts when purchasing accessories Name and specifications of supporting diesel engine. (Note: The first 7/7 diesel-driven air compressor produced by is matched with the clutch produced by Zhenjiang Jiuyue Clutch Factory. The structure is completely different from that currently produced by There are no common parts. If you need to replace parts, please specify Specifications, has accessories provided)

3. Common failures of the power part:

1. When the diesel engine is in use, it should automatically turn off (not emit black smoke). Generally, the fuel supply for the diesel engine is insufficient. Check each oil path from the diesel engine fuel tank, especially whether the filter in the fuel tank is blocked, there are cracks in the brazed joints of the filter pipe, and whether there is air leakage at each connection. Reinstall it. After inspection, use a manual pump to pump oil, remove air, restart to see the operation, if the problem still cannot be solved, you should contact the diesel engine service department in time. Generally, the diesel oil pump assembly needs to be tested on a professional oil pump test bench.

2. The diesel engine extinguished with black smoke. First stop, disconnect the clutch, turn the air compressor to see if it is easy, the air compressor does not move, check the air compressor, if it is easy to check whether the nozzle is seized, you can loosen the high pressure one by one when the diesel engine is empty Oil pipe, look at the change of diesel engine speed. If there is no change after loosening, the oil nipple is bitten. Generally, replace the nipple assembly, and then smell whether there is burnt odor at the friction plate and whether the clutch is free to separate, so as to judge whether the friction plate Wear.

3. Blue smoke. There are two main faults: ① The diesel engine oil nozzle is bitten, and the inspection method is the same as above. ② The cylinder and piston ring of the diesel engine are worn out and the oil is burnt. Users should be reminded here to read the diesel engine instruction manual carefully before use, and perform regular maintenance on the diesel engine in time according to the instructions. Pay special attention to the oil pressure, water temperature changes, regular cleaning of the air filter, and replacement of diesel engine oil.

4. The clutch component is malfunctioning.

1. The release bearing is damaged. Generally, the reason for this situation is that on the one hand, the high-speed running time of the release bearing is too long, that is, the diesel engine is running at high speed when the clutch is disconnected, and the air compressor does not move. Generally, the time required should not exceed 2 minutes. On the other hand, the clutch is not clear and the bearing is released. Running along with the diesel engine, over time causes high temperatures. Solution: Adjust the release lever, turn on the diesel engine, open the observation hole on the clutch, and see if the release bearings are running together.

2. There is an abnormal scream in the clutch. Generally, the gear shaft and the internal gear ring do not fit well. Check the gear shaft and gear ring wear and bearing movement.

3. The clutch can't rotate after it is separated. Generally, the 42313 bearing on the output shaft is damaged. Open for replacement. When replacing, pay attention to the copper skeleton on the bearing. Install the inner ring first, and then install the outer ring.

4. Oil leakage at the clutch. Check the oil level first. Generally, add the oil in the middle of the oil level line. Then check the oil leakage position, leaking from the rear oil seal, generally 90×120×12 oil seal is worn and leaking from the friction plate position, there are two possibilities: one is 45*65*12 oil seal is worn. The second is leakage from the rear end of the diesel engine, and the rear oil seal of the diesel engine is worn out, which can generally be seen when the clutch assembly is removed.

In addition: introducing a new configuration method for air-cooled air compressors in the current production, that is, closing the intake air filter assembly. The dealer can choose according to the user's needs and indicate it on the fax when shipping. During the marketing meeting this year, some dealers suggested that many manufacturers in the market have equipped with this structure. On the surface, it can save electricity or fuel. There is no obvious advantage after testing, because when the air intake is turned off, a vacuum is formed in the cylinder, so that the motor is It will carry a certain load, and the biggest advantage is that it is easy to start by closing the air intake when starting.