Installation method and precautions of refrigeration compressor shock tube

In some special industries, the requirements for refrigerator products are still very high. It was the needs of different companies and industries in the market that allowed the rapid development of the refrigeration industry to today with so many users. As the output of refrigerator products increases, refrigeration technology is also facing challenges.

  With the increase in demand in the refrigeration market, people's attention to refrigeration products has also increased significantly. Now when people buy products, they are more concerned about the maintenance, maintenance and operation methods of refrigerator products. Today we are here to share with you about the installation method and precautions of the refrigerator compressor shock tube in the refrigerator product.

   Friends who have used this kind of product must know. Some vibrations and noises will appear during the operation of these products. These voices will bring some inconvenience to our work. If you now use the method we will talk about next, you will know that the original refrigeration compressor shock tube still has such a powerful function.

Compressors supported by shock-absorbing pipe spring damping pads require flexible metal hoses (shock-absorbing pipes) to be installed on the suction and exhaust pipes to prevent the compressor from vibration and noise conducted through the refrigerant pipeline. At this time, when the diameter is less than 12 mm, it is enough to install a shock ring in the pipeline. The shock absorber tube should be as close to the compressor as possible and balanced with the crankshaft as much as possible.

  A. Install in a straight line, avoid static stretching or extrusion before and after installation, and avoid being in a straight line with the compressor;

  B. Before the installation area, do not collide with hard objects, and the pipe body cannot rub against hard objects during use;

  C. When welding, the temperature should be strictly controlled, and the welding seam of the hose body should be protected with a damp cloth to avoid excessive temperature causing the welding seam of the hose body to melt and cause leakage.

  Moreover, the shock absorber tube can also be used in the connection between the compressor and the circulation pipeline of the refrigerator of household air conditioners, freezers, freeze dryers, etc., to absorb the vibration generated by the compressor and protect the entire pipeline system.