List of foreign medium and high pressure compressors in the Chinese market

When it comes to high-pressure compressors, they are not commonly used air compressors. They are widely used in pressure testing, chemical, bottle blowing, engineering, energy, electric power, military, medical and other industries. The general batch is relatively small, and domestic I think the high-pressure machine market is still in a budding state, and there is no more good capital and technical force to invest in this aspect of production;

Let's first introduce the situation of some foreign brands in China

1. Ingersoll Rand, the domestic production base of medium and high pressure compressors in Nanjing, mainly produces small medium pressure air compressors.

2. CompAir, there is no production of medium and high pressure machines in China. It is mainly sold in the country through imported methods. The price is relatively high. CompAir Group has a professional high-pressure production base for breathing and fire fighting in the United States. Their brand is MAKO, but rarely seen in China,

3. LW, this is a German company, mainly small medium and high pressure compressors

Fourth, the German BAUER Group, they have screw air compressor heads, such as Rodkamp, ​​they also have high-pressure compressors, headquartered in Hong Kong, and now also have agents in Shanghai;

Of course, there are many other foreign companies, such as the medium and high pressure compressors on marine compressors, which are mainly controlled by foreign companies, and the medium and high pressure profits are relatively rich. I highly recommend that the majority of manufacturers use a strategic vision to avoid the red sea of screw compressor competition. , Find your own blue ocean and achieve greater success.