1.Maintenance of operating environment of servo driver

In order to prolong the service life of the servo driver, the following problems should be paid attention to in the process of use. Temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, input voltage and other factors should be considered for the system environment. Clean the cooling and ventilation system of CNC equipment regularly. The cooling fan on the numerical control device should be checked regularly for normal operation. Depending on the environmental conditions of the workshop, inspection and cleaning should be carried out every six months or every quarter.


  1. Standard use of servo driver

Due to the working conditions of the end users of the motion control system and the limitation of the enterprise's first-line engineering and technical support ability, the electromechanical system often can not obtain good equipment management, and the life cycle is also very long. Mechanical and electrical integration equipment is shortened, and the capacity is reduced due to equipment failure. The loss of economic efficiency.


  1. Drive maintenance

The structure of the servo driver is basically the same as that of the inverter. It consists of switching power supply, protection circuit, PWM wave isolated driver and three-phase inverter bridge. The maintenance principle and method can refer to inverter. Starting from the fault, check the inverter fault, start circuit fault, drive barrier, and switching power supply fault.