1. The controller is usually a computer or PID control circuit, and its main task is to transform and process the deviation signal output by the comparison element, so as to control the executive element to act as required.

  2. Power amplification is to amplify the power after comparing the input command signal with the feedback signal of the system.

  3. The function of the actuator is to convert the input energy into mechanical energy according to the requirements of the control signal and drive the controlled object to work. The actuator in mechatronics system generally refers to all kinds of motors or hydraulic and pneumatic servo mechanisms.

  4. Mechanical components refer to the controlled mechanism or device, which is the main body to directly complete the purpose of the system. It generally includes transmission system, actuator and load.

  5. The detection link is a device that can measure the output and convert it into the dimension required by the comparison link. It generally includes sensor and conversion circuit.