Maintenance steps and methods of G series oil and gas separator

1. Disassemble all connecting pipelines connected to the cylinder head and clean the surface dust.

2. Take out the oil return pipe (air compressors below GA90 cannot be removed).

3. Remove all the screws fixing the cylinder head.

4. Use a 24 wrench or quick sleeve to turn the jack screw to the left until the cylinder head rises above the O-ring position, and rotate the cylinder head outward. The cylinder head of the air compressor below GA90 can be lifted directly, but be careful of damage Oil return pipe.

5. Check if the return pipe is blocked.

6. Take out the oil-air separator and the O-rings on the cylinder head and cylinder, and remove the dirt in the O-ring groove.

7. Check the carbon deposit inside the cylinder and the deflector, and clean it if necessary.

8. Lightly apply a layer of butter on the surface of the new O-ring, and install it on the cylinder block and cylinder head. The O-ring of the cylinder head is divided into 8 equal parts or more during installation. First, go in a little bit diagonally and then evenly press it in. . It can be installed directly below GA90.

9. Install the new oil and gas separator and align the screw holes.

10. Rotate the cylinder head to the normal position, fasten all the screws 2 or so to fix the center, turn the jack screw to the right to the original position, and tighten all the screws evenly. Can be installed directly below GA90.

11. Install the oil return pipe and check whether the oil return pipe is in the middle of the oil-air separator, otherwise adjust it.

12. Install all connecting pipelines