Matching selection for small internal compression process design

As a traditional process type, small internal compression process equipment has been produced in the factory for many years. It is well received by users for its inherent advantages. One is that oxygen and nitrogen products are of high quality, free of moisture and harmful impurities. If its oxygen is used in industrial oxygen, it can greatly improve the quality of cutting and welding, thereby improving the processing quality of industrial products; and its quality meets the requirements of the national medical oxygen standard (GB8982-98" promulgated by the country, and can be used for health care Medical department. The second is the circulation of liquid oxygen, which avoids the concentration of trace acetylene, hydrocarbons and other flammable and explosive substances in the condensation evaporator, so that the equipment completely eliminates the possibility of unsafe explosion.

   But it combines my visits to the factory equipment and the feedback from users in the long-term use. This type of equipment has more or less problems in process organization and stand-alone operation of equipment.

   With the increase in demand from our factory for export and domestic users in recent years, our factory is designing and manufacturing KZO-40 internal compression air separation equipment. In response to the problems raised, thorough technical improvements have been made.

1. The whole set of equipment adopts split skid mounting and stainless steel hose connection

Each unit equipment is assembled in the factory, valves, pipelines, instruments, and electrical appliances are self-contained, and only three stainless steel hoses between each unit equipment can be quickly installed and connected, which brings great convenience to users on-site installation , And each unit equipment is designed without foundation. The equipment can be placed according to the user's actual plant situation, which reduces infrastructure costs. In the past, an oxygen station was being designed. The design and construction of the cooling water system (including the configuration of the pump house, the construction of the upper and lower water pipes, the construction of the trench, etc.) occupies a considerable part, which undoubtedly increases the area of ​​the equipment and the capital investment cost; for the lack of water and water quality Bad areas increase the difficulty of equipment operation. The set of 40 oxygen production equipment in our factory does not need cooling water and its auxiliary equipment, and adopts a fully air-cooled design. After the equipment is delivered to the site, there is no need to install it for a long time and put it into operation. It is very suitable for the needs of market changes, and the relocation is relatively easy; it is worth mentioning that this set of equipment is for the 1:3 needs, and the transportation of the complete set of equipment only requires one container. That's it. Save the cost of long-distance transportation.

2. The air compressor uses high-quality screw compressors with no water design

The air compressor is the core part of the complete set of air separation equipment. The piston air compressor often used in the past is a three-stage compression, with many moving parts and many wearing parts. Valves, springs, piston rings, and seals are all replaced irregularly. Maintenance brings greater troubles, and also causes difficulties for the long-term stable operation of the equipment. This time we selected the high-quality screw compressor with two-stage compression as the main unit. Except for the motor and external structural parts, all the core units adopt internationally renowned brands imported from France and Italy. The head is the most internationally advanced. "European optimization line 5: 6 twin-screw rotor" overall box structure, mechatronics, beautiful appearance, low noise, no vibration; using PLC intelligent controller, touch panel provides all parameter adjustment and key operating parameters The unique design of monitoring and humanization makes the equipment run stably and efficiently for a long time and realize unattended continuous operation. Moreover, the compressor adopts a fully air-cooled chamber structure, which reduces the area and construction cost of the aftercooler and waterway system.

  3 UF series air pre-cooling unit

  The pre-cooling unit is a closed box structure, which cannot complete the calculation processing and control functions in an instant.

   4 measures and lessons

   After taking the aforementioned measures, in order to further optimize the control, the system memory value of the Windows 2000 operating system that comes with the PC itself has also been modified, and the minimum value has been increased from 384MB to 768MB. At the same time, a strict inspection system is designated, and a dedicated person checks the operation of HIS and FCS every day. The inspection content includes important content such as CPU IDLE TIME (system idle time)., there are other brother companies and factories, so after the accident, on June 6th, they informed the instrument engineers of Loudi, Huaian, and Longmen factories to check their respective DCS systems (all of them are of the same model) Operating conditions, I learned that the CPU IDLE TIME in Loudi is 34S, Huai’an is 5 seconds, and the gantry is 10S, which are all within the safe range. However, system resources need to be further optimized and controlled. Each project is ensuring equipment according to the specific conditions of their respective factories. On the premise of safety, organize the project software, optimize system resources, and ensure the normal operation of the oxygen generating unit.