Brushless direct current motor (BLDCM,) gets rid of the inherent shortcomings of the brushless DC motor, and replaces the mechanical motor rotor with the electronic motor rotor. Therefore, the brushless DC motor not only has the excellent speed characteristics of the DC motor, but also has the advantages of simple structure, no commutation flame, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

BLDC motor operation regulations master the rotor position and system of the motor converted from rectifier. For closed-loop control rate control, there are two additional provisions, namely, accurate measurement of motor rotor rate / or motor electric flow and its PWM signal to control motor rate output power.

BLDC motor can sequence PWM signal in side sort or management center sort according to the application regulations. Most of the applications only specify the actual operation of rate conversion, and will select 6 separate side ordered PWM signals. This shows the maximum screen resolution. It is highly recommended to use the filled management center sequencing PWM signal if the specified network server is used for precise positioning, energy consumption braking system or driving force reversal.

In order to improve the rotor position of the geomagnetic induction motor, the Hall effect sensor is selected for BLDC motor to show the absolute positioning magnetic induction. This results in more applications and higher costs. The sensorless BLDC control eliminates the need for Hall elements, and only selects the self induced electromotive force (induced electromotive force) of the motor to predict and analyze the rotor position of the motor. Sensorless control is particularly important for low-cost, adjustable speed applications such as cooling fans and pumps. When BLDC motor is used, refrigerator and compressor must be operated without inductor.