Portable Air Conditioner Common Fault Codes and Troubleshooting Explained

portable air conditioner with a remote controller
Figure 1: Portable air conditioner.

When your portable/mobile air conditioner malfunctions, it may display a certain code on its panel. This code will let you know what problem is occurring in which area of your air conditioning system at this time. Some of these problems can be solved by yourself according to the steps mentioned in the product manual, while others require professional help. Note that not all codes indicate errors, some are simply informational.

The following introduces the meaning of some fault codes displayed on portable air conditioners and how to solve them.

1. GE Portable Air Conditioner FL Code

Meaning: When a GE portable air conditioner displays “FL” code, it means the bottom tray is full.
GE portable air conditioners remove heat and moisture from your room. Under certain conditions, such as extreme humidity or trying to cool multiple rooms, the air conditioner may not be able to evaporate all the water it removes.

When your GE portable air conditioner shuts off and shows "FL" on the display, make sure the doors and windows of the room it is cooling are closed. Drain the water from the base of the unit as described in the manual, turn the unit back on and it will resume operation.

GE portable air conditioner in white
Figure 2: GE portable air conditioner.

2. Hisense Portable Air Conditioner E5 Code

Meaning: If your Hisense portable air conditioner flashes the “E5” error code, it simply means that the water collection tank needs to be drained.

To troubleshoot the E5 error code, simply turn off the Hisense portable air conditioner using the power button and then carefully remove the drain pan from the unit. Drain the water and give the collection tank a proper cleaning before placing it back in the unit. Then your air conditioner should be working normally.

Causes of E5 Error Code:
● Condensate drain line clogged
● Dirty air filter
● Evaporator coil frozen
● Refrigerant leak

A collection tank or drain pan is used to collect condensation water dripping from the portable air conditioner. Drain pans may sometimes fill up, especially if you live in an area with high humidity. However, if you find the collection tank needs to be drained frequently, check if there are any issues with your unit. Frequent E5 errors may indicate a potential problem with your equipment.

Hisense portable air conditioner in white
Figure 3: Hisense portable air conditioner.

3. LG Portable Air Conditioner FL Code

Meaning: When your LG portable air conditioner displays “FL” code, it means that the condensate water is full.
If the LG portable air conditioner is operated under high humidity conditions, the bottom tray may easily be filled with water and a "FL" or "CHO4" code will appear.

Move the unit to the bathroom (or an outdoor area) and drain the condensate water through the drainage nozzle at the bottom of the unit. (Please refer to the user manual)
1. Turn off the unit and unplug the power cord.
2. Place a large bucket under the drainage nozzle and open its cap.
3. After draining all the condensate water, close the cap completely.

※If the unit is tilted excessively, the condensate water may overflow.
※If the unit is moved without draining the condensate water, condensate water overflow may cause electric shock, fire or property damage.

LG portable air conditioner in white
Figure 4: LG portable air conditioner.

4. Delonghi Portable Air Conditioner HL Code

Meaning: If your Delonghi portable air conditioner displays an “HL” or “Ft” error message, it indicates that the device is filled with water and needs to be drained.

Solution: The drain hose is located on the back of the unit, remove the stopper and drain the condensate water.

Delonghi portable air conditioner in black installed beside a window in a room
Figure 5: Delonghi portable air conditioner.

5. Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner P1 Code

If your Arctic King AC displays a fault code, turn the unit off immediately and determine what the code means.

Meaning: If your Arctic King AC displays “P1” code, it indicates that the bottom tray is full and the condensate water needs to be drained from the unit.

As mentioned above, you need to turn off the unit as soon as it displays an error code and drain the condensate water at the bottom of the unit. Then restart the equipment. If this does not resolve the problem, try disconnecting the unit and contacting qualified personnel to assist you in resolving it.

Arctic King AC in white
Figure 6: Arctic King AC.

6. Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner dh Code

Meaning: When your Black+Decker portable air conditioner displays “dh” code, it means the unit is in dehumidification mode or dry mode.

The black and decker portable air conditioner is perfect for reducing humidity in spring and autumn, during rainy periods or in humid rooms. In the dehumidification mode, the unit must have the same configuration as the air conditioning mode, and an air exhaust hose is installed on the device to discharge the air to the outside.

When the dehumidification mode is selected, the light turns on, the display shows "dh", and the AUTO fan light turns on. In this mode, other fan speeds cannot be selected.

This code does not mean that the air conditioner is malfunctioning, but that it is in dehumidification mode. The code will disappear on its own after dehumidification is completed or you switch the mode.

Black+Decker portable air conditioner.
Figure 7: Black+Decker portable air conditioner.
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