Quality judgment of air compressor accessories

Screw air compressor repair and maintenance replacement parts include air filter, oil filter, oil separator, screw air compressor oil. How do we judge the quality of these accessories?

The air filter element can basically be seen. It can be seen by the naked eye mainly by looking at the paper density and quality of the filter element. If the quality is not good, a large amount of impurities and dust will run into the screw compressor, which will easily block the oil separation element. The internal pressure is too high, causing the safety valve to open the fuel injection.

The oil filter is not easy to identify the quality of the quality. It is mainly judged by the time of use. If the oil pressure is low or the exhaust temperature is too high, most of the reasons are caused by the oil filter clogging. Yes, if the quality of the oil filter is not good, it is easy to cause failures in the maintenance of the air compressor.

The consumable oil separator is also the most expensive consumable among the four samples. The reason why its price is high is because of its high cost. The quality of imported oil separator is better, and its differential pressure ratio and oil filter are very good. , Generally, replacing the imported oil separation core basically guarantees that there will be no oil separation core failure.

   Screw air compressor oil is the blood of air compressors. Without good oil, air compressors basically cannot run. We all know that air compressor manufacturers do not produce screw air compressor oil. Screw air compressor oil is basically a kind of petroleum, including 8000 hours of synthetic oil, 4000 hours of semi-synthetic oil, and 2000 hours of mineral The three grades of oil are relatively common. Choosing a good synthetic oil is more important for air compressors.