Quality requirements for medical air compressor control

Medical applications have high requirements on machines, requiring precision, greater reliability, environmental protection and quietness, fresh and clean compressed air, and the output gas can directly contact the human body. Medical air compressors with a displacement of less than 1m³/min are mostly micro-screw reciprocating air compressors, also known as silent oil-free air compressors, and also called micro-screw swing air compressors abroad.

   1. High air production: refers to the compressed air displacement per unit power, which is a very important indicator, users should make more comparisons when choosing.

   2. Exhaust pressure must be up to standard: according to industry standards, it must reach 7 Bar, most of which are 8 Bar.

3. Dry air and cleanliness: application of oil-free lubrication technology, as well as compressor air chamber wall treatment and air storage tank internal spray treatment technology, equipped with a good air filter and oil-water separator to ensure that the output air is cleaner , Fresh. If a non-heat regeneration dryer is installed, it can also ensure that the air is dry and free of water, and at the same time, the output gas is required to directly contact the human body.

  4. Low noise: Medical air compressors must be controlled within 60 decibels. The sound of general household air-conditioning compressors (about 55 decibels), medical staff will not feel uncomfortable working in such an environment.