Suggestions and countermeasures for enterprises purchasing air compressors

For most companies, although the air compressor equipment for project construction is not a factor considered by the builder, it often becomes an important factor restricting the smooth construction of the project. Therefore, the builder should attach great importance to it and consider it in advance. The centralized procurement of air compressor equipment is a meaningful attempt. However, we believe that in order to fundamentally solve the constraints of air compressor equipment on construction projects, we should actively promote the owner’s responsibility system to manage air compressor equipment: that is, large-scale air compressor equipment is purchased by the owner and leased by the contractor. The payment is deducted, which not only provides a strong material guarantee for the engineering air compressor, but also reduces the financial pressure on the contract. At the same time, the owner will use the recovered lease fee as part of the financing, and then invest in the project to minimize the financial pressure in the construction process. This model has a successful precedent in foreign projects and some domestic foreign-funded projects. Taking a step back, on the basis that the owner's responsibility system does not yet have the conditions, it is advisable to use a technology access system to replace centralized procurement, that is, the construction project shall qualify newly developed special equipment, and only those that meet the requirements can be used in project construction. This model not only guarantees the requirements of project quality and construction period, but also gives enterprises room to display their talents.

  For the current new model of equipment procurement, the companies purchasing air compressors recognize the background and significance of its generation and take it as an opportunity to promote the development of enterprise equipment management by participating in it. There are the following suggestions for this:

   1. Multiple methods make good use of centralized procurement equipment. Companies with relatively backward screw air compressor technology must not only use equipment, but also learn advanced air compressor concepts and technologies brought by equipment. Units with relatively advanced air compressor technology should continue to improve on the basis of their original equipment based on their own experience, adapt them to the site conditions, adapt to the characteristics of the enterprise, and gradually find out new processes and new technologies centered on the key equipment of the air compressor. Construction method. Improve my country's screw air compressor technology.

   Second, fully understand the resource characteristics of the equipment. With the deepening of project management, companies once thought that equipment was not important. Some companies put forward the slogan of zero-asset projects, thinking that as long as they have cash, they can buy air compressor equipment. And failing to realize that equipment is a kind of resource, it is a materialized technology, especially large-scale key equipment, it is a concentrated expression of the core competitiveness of an enterprise, and it cannot be bought by money alone. Through this opportunity, air compressor companies should pay full attention to the resource characteristics of equipment, and the equipment management department should act as the main advocate and advocate of the change in concept.

   3. Deeply realize the importance of the development of air compressor equipment to the enterprise. Through this opportunity, leaders at all levels should realize that if an enterprise wants to develop and technology advances, equipment must go ahead. If you plan for equipment after winning the bid, you will inevitably fall behind in the purchase of air compressors and lose out in the new round of competition. In the end, it is difficult for enterprises to achieve good economic benefits and development.