The characteristics of natural gas compressor and the introduction of CNG filling station

The main equipment of CNG filling station consists of compressor unit, metering device, gas purification dryer, gas storage device, charging sequence control panel, gas column, gas vending machine, etc. According to the different functions, it can be divided into three types: standard station, refueling mother station and refueling substation.

   The CNG standard station takes gas directly from the gas pipe network, and after a series of processes such as pretreatment system, compression, and storage, refills the car through the gas vending machine.

   CNG refueling mother station not only has the function of a standard station, but also fills the compressed natural gas into the high-pressure gas transport semi-trailer through the refueling column set in the station, and transports it to the refueling sub-station to refuel the car. At the same time, as an effective supplementary means for pipeline gas transmission, in small and medium-sized cities far away from natural gas pipelines, semi-trailers can be used to transport compressed natural gas to the city where it is used by road transportation. User gas supply.

   CNG refueling sub-station is built in a place that has not yet reached the official website of natural gas. It receives compressed natural gas transported by semi-trailer from the refueling mother station. After storage, compression and other processes, it is directly refueled to the car through the gas vending machine.

  The structure of natural gas compressor:

  The natural gas compressor is a reciprocating piston type. It can be divided into two types: basic and no foundation. The whole machine is mainly composed of a fixed part and a moving part. The fixed part is composed of body, middle body, cylinder head, cylinder, cylinder seat and other parts. The moving part is composed of crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead, piston, valve and other parts, and is equipped with pipeline and instrument control system. The system compressor is equipped with a purification device, which can provide users with purified high-pressure natural gas. The equipment can be made into a bare-mounted fixed type, a skid-mounted type, or a soundproof square cabin type.

  The performance of natural gas compressor:

  Soft start, allowing the compressor to start and stop frequently.

   Wide range of air intake, wide application range.

  The overall skid-mounted structure, low noise, easy to install in the city, saving investment.

   can choose air cooling, water cooling, two cooling methods.

  Natural gas compressor is not only suitable for CNG filling stations, but also suitable for pressurization, voltage stabilization, power and purging in industrial processes, and can also provide a stable power source for power plants, food industry, medicine and experimental research units.