The composition of air compressor oil

Air compressor coolant, referred to as air compressor oil in the industry, is indispensable for air compressor equipment. Air compressor oil plays a role in lubricating, protecting, reducing friction, sealing, rust prevention, and corrosion during the operation of the air compressor. There are two basic components of compressor oil.

   Air compressor oil components Lubricant base oil and mineral oil base oil are refined from crude oil. The composition of air compressor oil is generally alkanes, cycloalkanes, aromatics, cycloalkyl aromatics, and oxygen-containing, nitrogen-containing, sulfur-containing organic compounds and non-hydrocarbon compounds such as gums and asphaltenes. Among them, mineral base oils are widely used and used in large amounts. However, in some applications, products formulated with synthetic base oil must be used, and there are some additives. The correct selection and reasonable addition can improve its physical and chemical properties, impart new special properties to the lubricant, or enhance the original composition of the air compressor oil. A certain kind of performance, satisfying higher.

  According to the different use of the air compressor, a reasonable selection of the appropriate air compressor oil can reduce the cost while extending the service life of the air compressor.