Selection skills of single screw pump

The professional senior engineer of the air compressor construction machinery leasing company told everyone that the specification of the single screw pump is determined by the nature, flow and pressure of the liquid to be transported, and the speed of the pump is determined by the viscosity and corrosiveness of the liquid. The selection of parameters can ensure the reliable operation of the pump.

The design speed of the single screw pump is the highest speed allowed when transporting clean water or similar non-corrosive liquids. In actual use, due to different media properties and life requirements, the selection should generally be lower than the design speed. For high-viscosity and particle-containing media, generally use 1/2-1/3 or lower of the design speed. Low speed is beneficial to the wear of the pump, but after use, the flow rate decreases due to the wear of the stator, and the speed can be appropriately increased at this time It is also a common policy to compensate for the drop in flow.

The temperature of the conveying medium should be between -10°C and 80°C, and can be as high as 120°C under special circumstances. One lead of each stator of the pump. The normal pressure is 0.6Mpa, and it is allowed to be as high as 0.8Mpa in a short time (no more than 30 minutes). The volumetric efficiency at the same output pressure will gradually decrease after wear. When pumping clean water, the maximum suction stroke is m. It is recommended to not exceed 6.5 meters for actual use. When pumping high-viscosity media, it should be sucked at a positive pressure.