The management method of the air compressor room of the Red Fifth Ring

1. Choose a wide and well-lit place to facilitate the space and lighting required for the operation, maintenance and repair of the air compressor.

2. The ground in the Red Fifth Ring Air Compressor Room must be flat and hard (generally a cement floor is sufficient), and at the same time, care should be taken to keep the ground clean and free of debris, especially flammable and explosive products, and should be equipped with fire extinguishers and other facilities , So that the safety of the computer room is guaranteed.

3. The placement of the air compressor should be careful not to close to the wall, and a certain distance should be reserved to ensure a certain amount of ventilation and maintenance space, which is also conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the air compressor.

4. The air compressor room should maintain a certain ambient temperature, which should not be higher than 35°C, and should not be lower than 0°C. Note that the temperature of the air compressor room should be kept as low as possible. The air compressor absorbs higher temperature air and reduces the exhaust air volume.

5. The place where the machine room is located should be kept dry, well ventilated, with little dust, and fresh air. Try to avoid dusty, oily, and humid environments to reduce damage to the air compressor, thereby prolonging its service life, and not allowing air The compressor sucks in corrosive gases, paint molecules, and gases that are explosive or unstable in chemical composition or steam, so as not to endanger the air compressor users or cause rapid damage to the unit.

6. The operator should not operate and maintain the air compressor until he has read the operation manual thoroughly. When there is a change (including the operating state), he must immediately notify the equipment after-sales service personnel. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to regular maintenance and maintenance of the parts of the air compressor to keep the machinery and equipment in the best operating state.

7. The pressure pipes in the air compressor room of the Red Fifth Ring are strictly prohibited from bumping, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and install under the condition of electrification and pressure.

8. Even in a reasonable use environment, the compressed air will still contain a large amount of water and trace oil, which will reduce the production efficiency and product quality of the factory, let alone use the untreated air directly for breathing air or Food contact, therefore must install the corresponding compressed air purification treatment equipment.

9. Only original equipment, compressor oil and other materials produced by Red Five Ring Company can be used for maintenance and repair work.

Please recognize the use mark, and its description can be found in the "Operation Manual" of the compressor

As a kind of common equipment, air compressor has many details in its maintenance. The service life of the air compressor can be prolonged after maintenance.