What are the advantages of CDHD2 high-performance servo drive?

  1. It can realize high-performance control for all permanent magnet synchronous servo motors.
  2. Realize multiple feedback devices.
  3. The second encoder interface is used for closed-loop control.
  4. The built-in operation panel is convenient for driver configuration and diagnosis.
  5. Position comparison output module.
  6. The use of advanced control algorithms can ensure equipment accuracy and maximize productivity.
  7. Small site space and high power density. 5. The STO function is turned off by the safety twist rule.
  8. The new Servostudio2.0 GUI user interface provides a wealth of parameterization options, which can optimize configuration and simplify debugging.
  9. Competitive price.
  10. 30 months warranty.
  11. Input voltage range: 20v to 480V.



What are the characteristics of CDHD2 high-performance servo drive?

  1. HD controller loop optimizes servo control.
  2. High broadband current loop realizes industry-leading frequency response.
  3. Dual-loop control eliminates mechanical errors and enhances system stability.
  4. Synchronously output the position of the motor to the sensor and other triggering devices through the position comparison output. The reason why I know these four important points.