A new generation of air compressor comes out

At present, the product has 1 national invention patent and 2 utility model patents. Its successful development will have a significant impact on the compressor field in my country and the world.

Tested by the National Compressor Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the service life of this equipment is more than twice that of screw and scroll compressors, and more than twice that of piston compressors, and it has achieved multiple uses.

The product has passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the National Machinery Federation.

"Synchronous rotary air compressor" breaks through the bottleneck constraints of the traditional compressor operating mechanism in the past 50 years, and solves the technical problems of low efficiency, complex manufacturing process, high manufacturing cost, and short service life. Low vibration and noise, reliable operation, overcoming the over-compression, under-compression and liquid hammer phenomenon of rotary compressor due to changes in working status; experts believe that this model is an original technological invention in my country, which realizes the synchronization of cylinder and rotor Movement reduces friction and wear and inertial force balance problems.

The rotating intake and exhaust port design realizes continuous intake and exhaust and reduces the resistance of intake and exhaust. Compared with reciprocating compressors, the product is reduced by 50%-60% in volume and weight. About 30%