Analysis on the New Trend of Chinese Inverter Compressor Technology Development

In 1978, Japanese air-conditioning companies put forward the concept of inverter air conditioners. Because inverter air conditioners have many advantages, they soon entered the families of developed countries. Then Chunlan, Haier, Midea, Gree and other companies also launched inverter air conditioners, and there is a trend to replace the current single frequency air conditioners. At the beginning of 1990, with the development of the scroll inverter compressor, the capacity change method of the air conditioning system has also been greatly developed.

Energy saving and emission reduction has become a new trend and new trend in the development of global home appliances. The air conditioner that has always been called the electric tiger, breakthroughs in energy-saving technology has become a powerful weapon to win the market. As a supplier of compressors for the core components of air conditioners, GMCC has helped air conditioners climb to the pinnacle of energy saving and emission reduction with its outstanding and innovative energy-saving technology.

The debate between DC inverter and digital scroll compressors has a long history in the industry, and it is also the most intense. So far, the compressor technology used to adjust the capacity has really dominated the market only with frequency conversion and digital scroll technology. Two completely different methods are used to adjust the compressor capacity, which brings about their differences in many aspects.

In the central air-conditioning market, the DC inverter multi-unit central air-conditioning represented by Daikin has the largest number of manufacturers and the competition is fierce. Brands include Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Haier, Toshiba, Haier, etc., with market share The rate reaches over 80%, which is the absolute main force in the current multi-line market. The digital scroll central air conditioner represented by Samsung, the manufacturers are basically based on American and Korean brands as the mainstream. Although the digital scroll multi-line is no less than the frequency conversion multi-line in terms of technical indicators, it has entered the Chinese market because of the digital scroll. At the same time, due to the monopoly of compressor technology, the cost of these products remains high. Therefore, there is still a big gap between the market acceptance and market competitiveness of the inverter multi-unit.

The official sales of the Digital Scroll Multi-line in China can be said to break the long-term dominance of the variable frequency multi-line. However, from the perspective of market demand, the Digital Scroll technology has not been widely recognized and understood by the market. Therefore, certain resistance has arisen in the process of market promotion, and companies need to spend more energy to actively guide consumers and promote the market. In the Chinese market, since 2002, Emerson's environmental optimization technology has reached strategic partnerships with 8 well-known air-conditioning manufacturers such as Midea, Gree, McQuay, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Haier, Hualing, and Shinco, effectively promoting the digital scroll technology and Product application in the early Chinese market.

Compared with frequency conversion multi-line, Digital Scroll multi-line shows almost no obvious signs of growth. The competition in the variable frequency multi-line unit market has been fierce enough, and when any company in it has to face opponents like Daikin, more companies have begun to use digital scroll units to express their respective views on refrigerant variable flow units. The desire of the market. Therefore, for a time, I saw an unprecedented gathering of talents in the digital scroll unit market. However, some of these brands that entered the digital scroll unit market vigorously in 2006 and 2007 have left the industry with only their first gorgeous appearance, and they have disappeared since then. Even some domestic brands that have formed a certain sales scale for Digital Scroll products, such as Gree, Midea and other loyal fans of Digital Scroll, have almost abandoned Digital Scroll.

In contrast, it has to be said that the digital scroll products currently do not have obvious competitive advantages, especially in the background of the very strong multi-line inverter compressor, the digital scroll unit market can almost be described as small at the moment. From the perspective of the basic elements of marketing, low channel awareness and acceptance are the biggest disadvantages of digital scroll products compared to competing products; in addition to being significantly higher than the water-cooled screw and modular machine, the price level of digital scroll products Even higher than the frequency conversion multi-product. The price of the digital scroll compressor is the sum of the price of the inverter compressor plus the control system. Obviously, when the market is immature, the reasons to support this kind of expensiveness seem insufficient, and some insiders even bluntly pointed out that the only way out for Digital Scroll is to reduce prices; even if Digital Scroll products have their own unique features and Advantages, at least for now, these advantages do not constitute a reason for it to be ahead of competing products, and the disadvantages of slow technological update and long delivery time of digital scroll products have been criticized by the industry; in fact, the digital scroll technology itself The promotion in the Chinese market is still weak. Initially, the main direction of the promotion of Digital Scroll was at the design institute level. Now it seems that there is no complementary channel and the promotion of real estate agents can be described as a mistake.