Thoughts on reading classic stories

Known as the'Japanese rope king', Neji Shimamura bought a large amount of hemp rope at a unit price of five cents, and then sold it to paper bag factories in Tokyo at the original price, thus winning the favor of "Neiji Shimamura's rope is really cheap." reputation.

As a result, orders continued to flow, and Shimamura took the purchase order and said to the subscriber: "This is the receipt for my purchase of ropes for a year.

This year, I didn't earn a penny from you. After a long time, I had to go bankrupt. "Subscribers are impressed by the integrity of the island village, and are willing to increase the unit price by five cents. Shimamura took the customer's purchase receipt to find the supplier and said, "In the past year, I haven't made a penny. I just became a voluntary salesman for you. If I continue to work, I can't stand it anymore." I was so moved by the receipts that were sold at the original price, so each rope was reduced by five cents. In this way, each rope earns a dime, and the profit is already considerable. Within a few years, Shimamura became a wealthy businessman. Shimamura Neiji later felt deeply that only those entrepreneurs who had the courage and strategy dared to take a loss at the beginning and then took advantage of the'original price sales method'.

The seemingly loss-making business is actually hidden. With great wisdom, if Neji Shimamura in the story does not sell hemp rope at the original price, he will not win the reputation of Neji Shimamura's rope is really cheap, and orders will not continue; the purpose of this is to open it first The sales situation has been expanded, the influence has been increased, the personal awareness has been improved, and the good reputation has been established. Secondly, it has also indirectly squeezed out competitors.

It has grabbed the source of customers and finally the manufacturer. The customer takes both sides, gains a lot of profits, and dominates the industry. Throne, it's too late for other competitors to fight back. In fact, everyone can do it in a seemingly simple way, but how many people can do it. The fundamental purpose of doing business is to make profit. The decision requires much courage and determination. This is a kind of mind and the unique vision of a certain success; this is also in the countless companies today, only a few companies can finally succeed root cause