Characteristics of Market Operation of Contract Energy Management

EMC's energy system transformation uses contract energy management mode to serve customers, which overcomes the current energy-saving work faced by my country, such as: lack of corporate energy-saving investment awareness, insufficient energy-saving investment funds, low-efficiency energy-saving projects "headache" and system efficiency. A series of obstacles such as the failure to keep up with energy-saving investment services to promote the universal implementation of various technically feasible and economically reasonable energy-saving projects of the Plenary.

   Contract energy management has the following characteristics of market-oriented operation:

  Project zero risk

  The technology used in the energy-saving projects that EMC helps customers carry out is mature, the equipment is standardized, and there are enough successful cases. The projects carried out are based on energy-saving benefits. EMC assumes that it promises to realize energy-saving benefits without affecting production. If the project fails to achieve the expected energy savings, EMC will bear the losses caused thereby. Therefore, for the customer, the technical risk of the project tends to zero.

  Customers can have zero investment

  For projects carried out by contract energy management, customers can obtain partial or full project financing through EMC to overcome funding barriers. Because the energy-saving projects implemented by EMC for customers usually have obvious energy-saving and economic benefits, and have a high rate of return, the average project investment payback period is about 3 years. Customers can use the saved energy costs to repay project loans and pay EMC service fees, and obtain their own economic benefits.

  Brand new meeting service concept

   Contract energy management can solve the problems of funds, technology, personnel and time that customers lack for energy-saving projects, allowing customers to focus more on the development of their main business. The aforementioned one-stop service provided by EMC can form a benefit guarantee mechanism for energy-saving projects, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and promote energy-saving industrialization, fully embodying the brand-new integrated service concept.