Compressed air purification equipment

Compressed air is the most important energy source in modern industry, but clean compressed air can show its advantages. can provide you with a complete set of equipment from compressors to compressed air purification equipment.

Due to well-known reasons, the atmosphere contains other corrosive gases, water vapor, hydrocarbons, and approximately 140 million solid particles per cubic meter. These mixed air enter the compressor for compression after passing through the filter. Compressor lubricating oil is degraded in quality and acidic, and due to the high temperature and oxidation generated when the gas is compressed, these solids enter the compressed air pipe network system together with the compressed air, oil and water vapor, causing the pipeline to rust. It has caused considerable problems for various industrial enterprises, such as stopping production, waste products or quality degradation due to pollution and increasing maintenance costs of system equipment.  

 In order to solve these problems that plagued the industrial sector, the AAPC series of high-efficiency compressed air filters was born. Users can configure according to the quality of the gas source they need.