Selection of compressed air dew point meter

Air compressor dew point meter-suitable for compressed air and compressor post-processing drying equipment dew point meter, Michell products include a variety of online dew point meter and portable dew point meter, as well as dew point meter analysis system, fast response speed and good reliability. The dew point meter is used for dew point measurement on dryers, suction dryers, adsorption dryers, freeze dryers, and dehumidifiers.

In many modern factories, the use of pneumatic equipment (pipe benders for bending pneumatic equipment) is becoming more and more popular. The compressed air must be dried (air dryer) and purified. If the compressed air contains water and oil, it is easy to damage the pneumatic components and affect the normal operation of the equipment. And in the electronics, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, plastic particles, glass, chemical industries, the compression The water content of the air is relatively high, and the compressed air must reach a certain degree of dryness, which means it can reach a certain dew point before it can be put into production. So most air compressors are equipped with drying and purification equipment. Also in order to test the effect of drying equipment, the air compressor dew point meter is usually used for continuous measurement. Compressed air usually has higher requirements for dryness. Even if the dew point at the outlet of the most common refrigeration dryer is below +5°C, it cannot be measured with a relative humidity meter, so it must be measured with a dew point meter. Take the British Michell dew point meter as an example. Its measuring range is -100℃~+20℃. Michell explosion-proof dew point meter with explosion-proof function can also be selected, which can accurately reflect the change of dew point and achieve the effect of monitoring. It has fully reached the monitoring of the dew point of the compressed air dryness. This ensures the safe operation of factory pneumatic devices or production gas, and is the preferred dew point meter for air compressor equipment.  

The use of MICHELL humidity sensor has the following advantages:  

  1. Industrial grade sensor, resistant to dust and chemical gases, suitable for use in harsh environments  

2. Convenient and reliable calibration method, saving maintenance costs  

3. Long-term operation stability is good, energy saving effect is obvious  

4.30 years of extensive use experience

technical parameter

Measuring range: -100℃...+20℃ dew point -80℃...+20℃ dew point (output can be set to ppm(v))   

Model: EA2-TXYH  

Accuracy: ±2℃ dew point  

Reaction speed: T63: 1 minute, dry to wet (-60℃~+20℃ dew point)  

5 minutes, wet to dry   

Working pressure: up to 30MPa  

Working temperature: -40℃...+60℃ 

  Transmitter body: 316 stainless steel   

Enhanced protection level: IP66 and NEMA4  

Interface thread: 5/8"UNF parallel   

Sensor protection: HDPE protective sleeve <10um  

Weight: 150 g  

Flow rate: 1...5NL/Min   is recommended

Working power: 12-28VDC  

Output signal: 4-20mA  

User verification: It has been verified before leaving the factory  

  Traceability: NPL (UK) and NIST (USA)  

Quality guarantee period: 12 months

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