American Cook Compression--Professional supply of seals and valves for reciprocating piston compressors

The company has a long history of 120 years, specializing in the production of pressure reducing rings, packing rings, oil scrapers, piston rings, support rings, valves and other sealing products in reciprocating compressors. It has a great influence in the global compressor industry. Almost all major well-known compressor manufacturers in the United States and Europe use their products. The main advantages of this product are as follows:

1. Product quality is stable and reliable, long service life, advanced materials and manufacturing technology, such as Cooper, Ariel, Dresser-Rand, Ingersoll-Rand , Nuovo Pignone, Sulzer, Mitsubishi Heavy and many other well-known global brands;

2. The price is very competitive and cost-effective;

3. Strong design ability, good at undertaking the special design requirements of different customers, can produce and supply according to samples, drawings, and working conditions, and accept small batch production orders, have great experience in replacing similar products, and have strong practical substitution capabilities ;

4. The ordering is convenient and the method is flexible. Our company has established a rich database of foreign compressors, which can be ordered according to different basic information of the compressors, and the delivery is fast. Some models have a certain amount of inventory.

As its agent, we hope that this good product can continue to expand its application and sales in the Chinese market, so as to improve the operating quality of imported equipment from domestic enterprises. In fact, this product has been widely used in many domestic compressor companies and has won a good reputation for quality.

   After years of experience accumulation, our company has the ability to supply other compressor parts, especially for NuovoPignone, Cooper, Ariel, Dresser-Rand ), Ingersoll-Rand (Ingersoll-Rand), Sulzer (Sulzer) and other compressor brands, as long as you can provide the compressor model, serial number and drawing number or part number of the parts in the inquiry, our company Can provide you with a competitive price for your reference and comparison.