Air compressor sharing air storage method

When multiple pneumatic tools are used at the same time, multiple air compressors need to be used for combined air supply. In order to reduce the pulsation of the air supply pressure and prevent the air pressure from falling instantaneously when multiple pneumatic tools are started at the same time on the working surface, so that the moisture and lubricating oil in the compressed air can be more completely separated to ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic tools, an air compressor is required Install a large-capacity shared air reservoir.

1. Suddenly feel that the steering is heavy or the steering wheel does not move, and the reasons and troubleshooting

(1) Insufficient oil absorption. Insufficient amount of oil in the oil tank, excessive oil viscosity, clogged oil suction filter, etc. can cause the oil pump to fail to suck oil.

(2) Excessive wear of the oil pump and excessive internal leakage. The working condition of the oil pump must be checked, repaired or replaced. 

(3) The force steering check valve is not installed; impurities cushion the check valve steel ball to make it tightly sealed with the valve seat; the check valve steel ball falls between the valve sleeve and the ring groove of the valve body, which can lead to power steering When the one-way valve is not closed tightly, the inlet and outlet ports are connected. 

(4) The safety valve of the steering gear failed and opened prematurely. The safety valve spring should be checked for deformation or failure. If the spring force is insufficient, a gasket can be added between the spring and the seat.

(5) Deformation of the valve core and valve sleeve will cause both to jam. Before installing the machine, add a small amount of hydraulic oil to the oil inlet. When rotating the valve core, it should be flexible and free to grind if there is jamming. Sometimes, when tightening the bolts at the bottom of the steering gear, the force is uneven, and the valve core may be stuck. The correct method is to tighten the bolts evenly in 2-3 times.

  The capacity of the shared air tank can generally be selected according to the attached table or determined by empirical method

When the empirical method is used to determine the capacity of air compressors in different ranges, different empirical formulas need to be used to calculate, namely: After calculating the capacity of the shared air tank, it should also be combined with the existing domestic air tank series (0.5, 0.7, 1.2) , 2.1, 2.5, 3.7, 4.5, 5.6, 7.0, 8.5, 10.0, 12.7m3) and the unit’s existing equipment. If the selected gas storage cylinder is more than 6m3, in order to facilitate the shipment, consider using more than two existing gas storage cylinders in series. 

The shared air storage cylinder should be installed between the internal pipeline of the air compressor station and the main air outlet. If multiple gas storage cylinders are used in series, a single-row arrangement should be adopted, and the distance between the gas storage cylinders should not be less than 1m. The distance between the shared air storage cylinder and the air compressor shall not exceed 10m, and the nearest shall not be less than 3m. The foundation of the shared air storage cylinder should be constructed with concrete; in order to make the air inlet of the air compressor and the air compressor exhaust and reduce the number of elbows, the foundation can be lower than the floor if necessary. If the air ports are not on the same horizontal line, the upper port should be the air outlet and the lower port should be the air inlet; if they are on the same horizontal line, the baffle port is the air inlet, and the two ports should not be mistaken.

The shared air cylinder is a pressure vessel. To ensure its safe operation, a hydraulic test should be carried out before use; the test water pressure is 1.2MPa, and the pressure time is 5 minutes; during the pressure time, no leakage is allowed, otherwise it should be timely Repair or replace. In use, the inspection cycle is once a year. In addition, when necessary, a protective fence can be set up around the shared air storage cylinder to protect it.