How to choose the specifications of the air compressor

Once the air volume (m3/min) and pressure (Mpa(G)) requirements of the factory's air consumption are determined, the specifications of the air compressor can be selected.

   Factors you may want to consider when choosing include:

   What is the current gas consumption? What is the gas consumption after the expansion of the factory? Generally speaking, the annual growth rate of gas consumption is 10%. Are you considering using special manufacturing processes and tools in the future?

  The ideal production is that the specifications of the rotary screw compressor and centrifugal compressor should ensure normal operation within the modulation and adjustment control range.

  The specifications determined by the single-acting air-cooled reciprocating air compressor are guaranteed to have 30-40% unloading time based on the constant-speed control system.

   The water-cooled reciprocating air compressor can work continuously, but it is best to consider the 20-25% buffer or unloading time when selecting the specifications.

   Research the performance characteristics of various types of air compressors to estimate power costs, so as to determine which one is the best choice to meet your plant's current and future requirements.

  Is the factory leaking serious? Do you need to build a leak plan so that the load on the compressed air system can be reduced?

   Are you satisfied with the operation, maintenance, installation and performance characteristics of the selected air compressor?

   Have you considered the quality requirements of compressed air when selecting air compressors and their additional equipment (such as dryers and filters)?

  How does the additional equipment affect your choice of air compressor?

   Have you considered the spare air volume in case the main air compressor fails?

   Does each shift need to use the same amount of compressed air?

  How does the selected air compressor operate when the air consumption is low?

  You may want to consider using a smaller air compressor to save energy and avoid excessive circulation and wear of the main air compressor.

   Is there any unusual intermittent peak demand load that needs to be considered?