How to Fix an Air Conditioner Fan Motor?

2022-11-23 13:57:58   By: Okmarts Technical Support
A sample of Galanz Midea air conditioner fan motor YDK30-6W-4 swing outdoor motor 30w single phase 220v electric motor

Figure 1: Galanz Midea air conditioner fan motor YDK30-6W-4 swing outdoor motor 30w single phase 220v electric motor.

The air conditioner is composed of heat and cold sources, wind system, water system, air conditioning treatment equipment, and devices for controlling and regulating air conditioning. Among them, the fan motor is an indispensable part of the air-conditioning air system. It refers to the equipment that can provide air to the air duct and make the air flow in it. However, sometimes there may be some failures or problems during the operation of the air conditioner. One of the most common problems is the failure of the air conditioner fan motor. Here are four common air conditioner fan motor failures and methods to fix them.

1. Too Much Vibration of the Motor

Check for the following symptoms:
1) Loose blades on impeller. If the blade is stained with debris such as mud, the dynamic balance will be destroyed.
2) Blade deformation.
3) Loose anchor bolts.
4) The motor shaft is not concentric with the fan shaft.

A working air conditioner fan motor shown in pictures

Figure 2: An air conditioner fan motor in operation.

Fix them:
1) Remove debris from leaves.
2) If the dynamic balance of the blade is unqualified due to manufacturing or transportation reasons, remove the impeller and perform the dynamic balance test again.
3) Strengthen the rigidity and stability of the steel bracket, tighten the bolts.
4) Readjust the concentricity and the center line of the pulley, and adjust the shaft displacement when the fan motor is running with load.

2. The Belt Comes off or Vibrates during Operation.

Adjust the center distance between the motor and the fan shaft so that the belt will not fall off during operation. Readjust the center plane error of the two pulleys so that the pulleys are on the same centerline.

3. Bearing Temperature Rise is Too High.

Too tight bearings, lack of oil, or broken sleeve balls can cause the bearing temperature to rise too high. The bearings should be re-cleaned and lubricated or replaced.

A sample of an outdoor AC fan motor

Figure 3: An outdoor AC fan motor.

4. The Flow Rate in the Air Duct is Too Low.

If the fan is running normally but the flow rate in the air duct is too low, check whether there is wrong connection in the air duct, air leakage, too large gap between the impeller and the collector, or too large resistance in the air duct.
To fix them, re-check whether the fan model and technical parameters are consistent with the design. Check the tightness of the air duct. When the local resistance of the components on the air duct is too large, replace the components. Use the dust removal system to clean the dust accumulated in the fan, air duct and dust collector.

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