Introduction to the development momentum and types of medium and high pressure screw air compressors

Screw air compressors have basically replaced other types of air compressors in the low pressure field. Also in the low-pressure field, as compared to special gas compressors, screw air compressors have gradually shifted from tentative intervention to a trend of big steps. At present, in the field of medium and high pressure, the development momentum of screw air compressors can also be described as perfect.

     The high compression ratio of the high-pressure air compressor will cause the different air compressors to have different performance. The author made some performance comparisons on this, and found that it is not as simple as people think. This article will further elaborate on this.

      Medium and high pressure air compressors are roughly divided into: single-stage single-screw air compressor, two-stage single-screw air compressor, two-stage twin-screw air compressor, two-stage or three-stage piston air compressor, screw-piston tandem air compressor.

   1. Some manufacturers have used special-purpose military and marine air compressors with a single-stage single screw that can reach an exhaust pressure of 3.0 MPa or higher, and have also tried to use the old environment. The difference is more than the loss;

     2. Compared with piston compressors, screw compressors have experienced ups and downs in the medium and high-pressure fields, with mixed reviews. In the medium and high pressure field, some manufacturers insist that the two-stage twin-screw air compressor is suitable for the medium and high pressure field.

     3, Simmain first introduced a two-stage single-screw high-pressure air compressor, which is actually a medium and high-pressure air compressor;

     4. After a period of exploration, some screw air compressor manufacturers have doubts about the adaptability of screw air compressors in the field of medium and high pressure, and picked up medium and high pressure piston air compressors;

     5. Some manufacturers think that the screw is a bit reluctant in the field of medium and high pressure. They have introduced a medium and high pressure air compressor with screw and piston in series, hoping to take into account the advantages of piston and screw air compressor.