Is the scroll air compressor good

Scroll air compressors are still good, especially for users who use piston machines. Scroll air compressors are cheaper than screw air compressors. They are quite light in sound and are more suitable for enterprises or factories with small air consumption.

  Then its structure is formed by the meshing of the moving and static scrolls of two bifunctional equations. In the process of suction, compression, and exhaust, the static disk is fixed on the frame, and the moving disk is driven by the eccentric shaft and controlled by the anti-rotation mechanism. It rotates in a plane with a small radius around the center of the base circle of the static disk. The gas is sucked into the periphery of the static plate through the air filter element, and as the eccentric shaft rotates, the gas is gradually compressed in the several crescent-shaped compression chambers combined by the moving and static plate, and then continuously discharged from the axial hole of the central part of the static plate.

   Generally, it is best to choose the scroll air compressor with 5.5 and 7.5KW models, and the effect is the best. A head is usually equipped with a 7.5KW motor.