Lubrication method of screw chiller internal components

If the compressor lubrication system of the screw chiller is better, it can reduce the friction, friction heat and wear of the parts of the compressor, better improve the mechanical efficiency of the compressor, and increase the reliability and working life of the compressor.

The types of screw chillers can be divided into water-cooled screw chillers and air-cooled screw chillers. According to the temperature, they are also divided into low-temperature screw chillers. According to the protection method, they are called explosion-proof screw chillers (mainly used for Chemical Industry). The compressors of these screw chillers are all screw type series of well-known brands, such as: Taiwan Hanbell, Germany Bitzer, the lubrication effect is very good, and the service life is more than 10 years.

   The refrigeration compressors of screw chillers generally have the following lubrication methods?

  1, centrifugal oil supply lubrication

This method is currently generally used in a hermetic compressor where the crankshaft is installed vertically. It uses the centrifugal force of the crankshaft when it rotates, so that the lubricating oil in the center of the crankshaft flows to the sides and upper part of the shaft under the action of the centrifugal force. The friction part is lubricated.

  2, splash lubrication

  This method is generally used for small open-type or semi-hermetic compressors. It uses the crankshaft or the accessories provided by the crankshaft to contact the oil surface when rotating, so that the lubricating oil splashes and the friction parts are lubricated.

3, mechanical oil pump for lubrication

  This method is generally used for medium and large compressors. It uses mechanical oil pumps (commonly gear pumps, rotor pumps, crescent pumps, etc.) to suck and pressure send lubricating oil to various friction parts.