Maintenance method of chiller cooling tower equipment

We understand that domestic cooling water towers are structures used for cooling water in power plants, and the general height is determined by the size of the power plant units. Next, we fully explain the specific maintenance content of the cooling tower equipment of the chiller.

  1. Operation record. When the FRP cooling water tower is constructed or installed and put into operation, the design unit or manufacturer shall provide all the characteristic data of the cooling water tower: including thermal characteristics, resistance characteristics, water load, heat load, ambient temperature, cooling range, air flow rate, concentration Multiplying factor, fan power consumption, water pressure entering the tower, etc.

  2. Measuring instruments and methods. In order to detect the operating effect of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling water tower, or to evaluate the size of the cooling capacity, it is necessary to conduct an indoor test or an identification test on the operating cooling water tower at the production site. Therefore, it is not only necessary to have scientific and technical personnel for the cold water tower test and research, but also a complete set of test methods that meet the specifications.

   3. Cooling water collection tank. The cold water sump should maintain the water depth of the pool to prevent cavitation. The freeboard height of the sump is 15~30cm, and the following is the effective volume of the pool. The water level of the pool should be maintained at a certain level, otherwise the supplementary water valve needs to be adjusted. For cross-flow cooling water towers, if the operating water level is lower than the design requirements, an air baffle should be installed below the original water surface to prevent air from bypassing.

The cold pool of the air-cooled chiller should be cleaned irregularly to remove the sludge and adhesions deposited on the bottom of the pool, remove the debris from the filler and its support, keep the grille of the pump suction port clean, and inspect it from time to time If the leakage of the collection tank needs to be repaired, attention must be paid to the normal operation of the acid, chlorine, and water quality stabilizing agent distribution device.

   To sum up, we fully explain the specific maintenance content of the cooling water tower equipment of the chiller. We must analyze and summarize in depth, and continue to explore, so as to better promote the healthy growth of the industry.