Motor and generator

Motor and generator

SKF has long and extensive experience in the motor industry and most industries that use motors and generators. In this highly competitive industry, SKF's rich knowledge has been used to develop various solutions to meet the growing needs of people in improving quality, shortening delivery time, reducing noise levels and improving technical support.

In addition to a wide range of bearing and solution products, customers can also obtain excellent engineering services that only SKF can provide. These services can help to inject additional value into bearing design and reduce overall costs in the long run

Avoid current damage

Stray currents can cause damage when passing through the bearing, resulting in tiny pits on the surface of the raceways and rolling elements. Lubricants are also affected and degrade accordingly. Once the bearing is damaged due to the passage of current, the service life of the bearing will be greatly shortened due to the increase of noise, the decrease of lubricant efficiency, the increase of temperature and the excessive vibration.

To deal with this problem, a reliable and cost-effective way is to use insulated bearings. SKF provides a wide range of insulated bearings, and provides engineering consulting services to provide support and suggestions for constructing or solving stray current problems.

Installation and removal

The life of the bearing depends on the working environment. However, the procedures used to install and maintain bearings have a direct impact on their service life.

There are many ways to remove and install bearings for motors. Both mechanical methods and hydraulic pullers can be used; alternatively, pressure or heating methods can also be used. The selection of appropriate installation and removal tools and methods has a vital impact on future operation and service life.

Extra large motor

The most commonly used bearing types in extra-large motors are hydrodynamic (also called sleeve or sliding) bearings and bearing seats. The use of this technology is considered to be extremely costly, and the cost of hydrodynamic bearings and jacks can reach 7-8% of the total equipment cost. However, there are many applications that do not require hydrodynamic bearing technology. In order to provide a cost-effective and high-performance solution, SKF has developed a shaft system consisting of two flanged housings, each with a roller bearing. Compared with similar sleeve bearing configurations, this type of SKF solution has an excellent cost performance.

Series Motor

Such high-capacity standard motors and generators available from stock are generally small and medium-sized, ranging from 1 to 500 kilowatts. Reliability and trouble-free operation are the keys to increasing productivity. Therefore, SKF's high-quality bearings are the best choice. In the long run, they can help you maintain the profitability of your equipment and reduce costs.

SKF not only provides reliable and more durable bearings, but also provides a variety of excellent solutions that can improve motor performance, such as insulated bearings that can eliminate overcurrent.

Motors for specific applications

Motors used in specific applications are mainly low- and medium-capacity products, ranging from 1 to 500 kilowatts. These motors are used in specific applications such as fans, pumps, and compressors. In these applications, the reliability of the motor is extremely important. Similarly, generators, especially wind turbines, must deal with the same or even more severe needs.

For a motor in a specific application, it is important to select the correct bearing and bearing configuration to optimize performance to suit the operating conditions of the specific application. SKF's expertise in this area can bring further benefits, significantly improving the reliability and performance of the motor, thereby improving the profitability of the equipment.


The motor service industry is extremely competitive, and when repairs cannot solve customers’ reliability issues, warranty claims and costly returns can reduce profitability and damage customer loyalty. SKF has the corresponding products, talents and technology to promote productivity, increase bearing life, customer loyalty, and reduce warranty returns.

In the electric motor service industry, top quality and problem-solving skills are essential to maintaining profitability and customer loyalty. SKF has won OEM quality awards from many quality-conscious companies. By collaborating with SKF, you can take advantage of the resources provided by this proven leader.