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The screw air compressor produced adopts the latest international technology, has a high starting point, and is synchronized with the international advanced technology. The main machine adopts the original main machine of German GHH-RAND company. The main parts and components are mainly combined with famous companies. The most advanced high-quality products at home and abroad are selected to produce internationally advanced products to ensure that the products are more reliable, complete and competitive. The technical standards and quality of the products have been tested by the National Compressor Refrigeration Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the technical performance has reached the current international advanced level.

HLGD series screw air compressor has the advantages of reliable quality, stable operation, low noise, energy saving, high efficiency, low maintenance, low operating cost, and 24 hours continuous operation. It is widely used in textiles, food, breeding, military industry, railways, and transportation. , Chemical, pharmaceutical, scientific research, instrumentation, machinery, mining, building materials, plastics, construction, water conservancy, automatic control, sandblasting, painting, blowing, inflating and other fields.